21 Best Dad and Baby Halloween Costumes


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Halloween is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than with some adorable and creative dad and baby Halloween costumes?

Whether it's your little one's first Halloween or you're a seasoned pro at dressing up as a dynamic duo, I've got you covered with these spooktacular ideas that are sure to make a statement at any Halloween gathering. Get ready for a howling good time!

Best Dad and Baby Halloween Costumes

Have a great time dressing up with your baby boy or baby girl for Halloween!

1. Superhero Squad: Batman and Mini Robin

father and son Halloween costumes
Image via Costume-Works

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Channel your inner caped crusader and let your baby join the ranks of the Justice League as Mini Robin. Dress dad as Batman, complete with a dark cape and mask, while your little sidekick rocks a tiny Robin costume. With this dynamic duo, Gotham City (or your neighborhood) will be safe from all things spooky!

2. Star Wars Stars: Luke Skywalker and Baby Yoda

dad and baby Halloween costumes Star Wars
Image via Costume-Works

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Join the intergalactic adventure by dressing up as Luke Skywalker and the adorable Baby Yoda from the Star Wars universe. Dad can wield a lightsaber while baby Yoda is comfortably wrapped in a green, fuzzy outfit. May the Force be with you this Halloween!

3. Ghostly Giggles: Ghostbusters Duo

dad and baby Halloween costumes Ghostbusters
Image via Google Images

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Who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters! Transform into a ghost-hunting duo with dad as a Ghostbuster, complete with proton pack, while your baby becomes an adorable Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. This costume idea is sure to bring back nostalgic memories and a lot of laughs.

4. Insect Invasion: Beekeeper and Baby Bee

dad and baby Halloween costumes beekeeper and bee
Image via Pinterest

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Create a buzz around your Halloween party by going as a beekeeper and his little bee. Dad can wear a beekeeper suit with a mesh hood, and your baby can be an adorable bee with black and yellow stripes. This costume duo is sweet as honey!

5. Wild West Wonders: Cowboy and Mini Cactus

Yee-haw! Saddle up for a rootin' tootin' Halloween as a cowboy and a mini cactus. Dad can sport a cowboy hat, boots, and a vest, while your baby is snug and prickly in a cactus costume. It's a Western-themed adventure that's perfect for any Halloween hoedown.

Or, as an alternative, you could dress up as a cactus for Halloween and your baby could be a cowboy!

6. Toy Story Team: Woody and Baby Buzz Lightyear

Toy Story family Halloween costumes
Image via @_jamaicalee

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Reach for the stars with this Toy Story-inspired costume idea. Dad can dress as Woody, the rootin' tootin' cowboy, and your little one can become the fearless space ranger, Buzz Lightyear. It's a classic and heartwarming choice that will have everyone saying, "To infinity and beyond!"

Other options for this dad and baby boy Halloween costume include your baby dressed up as an alien or as Woody!

7. Time-Traveling Tandem: Marty McFly and Baby Doc Brown

Baby Doc Brown Halloween Costume
Image via Amazon; Baby Doc Brown Costume in Sizes 0/3 Months to 12/18 Months

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Hop into your DeLorean and travel back in time with this Back to the Future-inspired costume combo. Dad can become the iconic Marty McFly, complete with a red jacket and hoverboard, while your baby rocks a Doc Brown outfit. Great Scott! This idea is a blast from the past.

8. Underwater Adventure: Scuba Diver and Baby Octopus

dad and baby Halloween costumes
Image via Amazon; Diver & Octopus Costume

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Dive deep into the ocean with this aquatic-themed costume pairing. Dad can dress as a scuba diver, complete with a wetsuit and flippers, while your baby becomes an adorable octopus with tentacles galore. It's an under-the-sea Halloween adventure that's both cute and creative.

9. The Labrinth: Jareth and Toby

dad and baby Halloween costumes The Labrinth
Image via @suchgaul

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For creative dad and baby Halloween costumes from the 80s, dress up as Jareth and Toby from the Labrinth! Mom can get involved too by dressing up as Sarah.

10. Timeless Tuxedos: James Bond and Baby Secret Agent

For a touch of elegance and sophistication, why not go as James Bond and your baby as a secret agent? Dad can wear a sleek tuxedo, while your little one sports a miniature suit and sunglasses. It's a classy and charming costume duo that's sure to turn heads at any Halloween soiree.

11. Baby on Board: Captain Hook and a Crocodile

If you have a newborn baby, then this dad and baby Halloween costume idea is perfect for you!! Dress up as Captain Hook from Peter Pan and your baby can be the crocodile! 🐊

dad and baby Halloween costumes
Image via @happybaby

12. Space Explorers: Astronaut and Alien

Embark on a space adventure with your baby as an adorable alien and yourself as a fearless astronaut. This out-of-this-world costume idea is sure to turn heads and spark conversations at any Halloween party.

13. Incredibly Cute: Mr. Incredible and Jack-Jack

Show off your incredible love for your baby by dressing up as Mr. Incredible and Jack-Jack from the beloved Pixar movie "The Incredibles." You'll be a dynamic duo with superhuman cuteness!

14. Wizarding World: Harry Potter and Hedwig

Enter the enchanting world of Hogwarts by dressing up as Harry Potter and Hedwig, his loyal snowy owl. With a tiny owl perched on your arm, you'll look like you're ready to cast some spells and enjoy a magical Halloween.

15. Wild Safari: Zookeeper and Lion Cub

Roar into Halloween with a wild safari-themed costume. Dad can be the zookeeper, while the baby becomes an adorable lion cub. It's a cute and cuddly option that's perfect for families who love animals.

16. Superheroes Unite: Captain America and Baby Iron Man

Team up with your baby as iconic superheroes like Captain America and Iron Man. These costumes are perfect for comic book enthusiasts and will have everyone at the Halloween party talking about your super duo.

17. Little Monsters: Frankenstein and Baby Monster

Become the ultimate monsters of cuteness with Frankenstein and Baby Monster costumes. Dad can sport the classic green monster look, while the baby rocks a mini monster outfit with stitches and all.

18. Rock 'n' Roll Stars: Elvis Presley and Mini Rockstar

Turn up the Halloween party with an Elvis Presley and mini rockstar costume combo. Dad can be the King of Rock 'n' Roll, complete with a jumpsuit and shades, while the baby becomes the tiniest rockstar in town.

19. Jurassic Park: Dinosaur Trainer and Baby Dino

Travel back in time to the land of dinosaurs with a Jurassic Park-themed costume. Dad can be a dinosaur trainer, and the baby can be an adorable baby dino. It's a prehistoric pairing that's both cute and nostalgic.

20. Farmer and Scarecrow

Create a charming farmyard scene with a dad dressed as a farmer and a baby as a cute scarecrow. This costume idea is perfect for families who enjoy the rustic charm of the countryside.

21. Circus Spectacle: Ringmaster and Baby Lion

Step right up to the greatest show on Earth with a circus-themed costume. Dad can be the ringmaster, complete with a top hat and whip, while the baby transforms into an adorable baby lion. It's a circus spectacle that'll have everyone applauding.

22. Pizza and a Pizza Slice

father and baby boy Halloween costumes
Image via Amazon; Sizes Small to XX-Large

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Want a piece of me? For a super cute and affordable dad and baby boy Halloween costume idea, wear a t-shirt with a pizza on it, and have your baby boy wear a onesie with a  slice of pizza on it!


In conclusion, Halloween is the perfect opportunity for dads and their little ones to bond and have some festive fun. These 10 dad and baby Halloween costume ideas offer a wide range of options, from classic characters to creative concepts, ensuring that you'll have a spooktacular time together. So, grab your costumes, strike a pose, and get ready to make lasting memories with your mini trick-or-treater. Happy Halloween!

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