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Beetlejuice Costume Guide

Beetlejuice Costume Ideas

Are you searching for Beetlejuice costumes?

Whether you are searching for a hot and sexy Beetlejuice Halloween costume, a DIY Beetlejuice costume idea, Beetlejuice Halloween costumes for couples, or an easy Beetlejuice Lydia costume…I have you covered. 😊

This costume guide is all about Beetlejuice costume ideas, DIY Beetlejuice costumes for women, and Beetlejuice couples costumes.

This guide is all about the best Beetlejuice costumes for Halloween or cosplay!

This ultimate Beetlejuice costume guide includes:

  • Beetlejuice costumes for women
  • Beetlejuice couples’ costumes (like Beetlejuice and Lydia)
  • DIY Beetlejuice costumes
  • Lydia from Beetlejuice costume
  • Beetlejuice bride costumes

Best Beetlejuice Costumes for Women

Of course, the easiest way to get a Beetlejuice costume for women is to just buy one from Amazon. But you don’t have to!

Below are lots of scary (and sexy!) female Beetlejuice costumes.

1. Spirit Halloween Beetlejuice Costume: Best Overall Beetlejuice Costume for Women

Beetlejuice Costume for Women


2. Forplay Beetlejuice Costume: Most Sexy Beetlejuice Costume for Women

Sexy Beetlejuice Costume for Women
So Sexy!


3. Loxdonz Jacket: BestBeetlejuice Jacket for a Sexy Beetlejuice Costume DIY

Plus Size Beetlejuice Costume DIY
So Sexy!


Beetlejuice Couples Costumes

These Beetlejuice couple's costumes are to die for!

Beetlejuice Couples Costume with Beetlejuice and Lydia

Beetlejuice Couples Costumes


Beetlejuice Couples Costume for Two

Beetlejuice Couples Costume
Frightfully Scary!


Beetlejuice Couples Costume for Halloween

Beetlejuice Couples Costume


Beetlejuice Costume Idea for Couples

Beetlejuice Couples Costumes
Image via Sierra Holmes

Couples Beetlejuice Costumes with Green Wig

Beetlejuice Couples Costumes
Image via Tenn Buick

Beetlejuice Lydia Costume

You can't go wrong with dressing up as Lydia from Beetlejuice.

Beetlejuice Lydia Costume

Beetlejuice Lydia Costume


Beetlejuice Costumes for Men

Searching for the perfect Beetlejuice costume for guys? Below are my top picks of the best Beetlejuice costumes for men.

1. Rubie's Beetlejuice Deluxe Costume: Best Overall Beetlejuice Costume for Men

This Beetlejuice costume for guys on Amazon comes in sizes "standard" and extra large and is my #1 recommendation for a men's Beetlejuice costume. This Beetlejuice costume includes a black and white striped suit. To complete this Beetlejuice costume, you'll want to buy a Beetlejuice wig and wear a white collared shirt with a black tie underneath.

Beetlejuice costume for men
Image via

View Costume on Amazon

2. Fun Shack Black and White Striped Suit for Men: Best Value Beetlejuice Costume for Men

The Fun Shack Beetlejuice costume for men is also an excellent Beetlejuice costume choice! This costume includes a sewn-in shirt and tie and is definitely bright and fun!

Fun Shack Beetlejuice Costume for Men
Image via

View Costume on Amazon

Beetlejuice Dog Costume

While you are at it, why not get a Beetlejuice dog costume for a fun dog and owner costume too?

Beetlejuice Dog Costume

Want to get matching dog and owner costumes for Halloween? If so, you can dress up as Beetlejuice and your dog can dress up as Beetlejuice too! This Beetlejuice dog costume is so, so cute!! 

Beetlejuice Dog Costume

View Costume on Amazon

Beetlejuice Costume Makeup Tips for a Spooky Transformation

Transforming into Beetlejuice for Halloween or a cosplay event? Achieving that iconic and eerie look requires the right makeup techniques. Follow these Beetlejuice makeup tips to nail the ghostly appearance:

Beetlejuice Costume Makeup

1. Pale Foundation

  • Start with a pale foundation to create a ghostly base.
  • Blend it evenly over your face and neck to achieve an even complexion.

2. Dark Eyes

  • Emphasize your eyes with dark, smudged eyeliner.
  • Create sunken eyes by applying dark eyeshadow under your lower lids.

3. Green Highlights

  • Use green face paint to add patches of color to your skin, unevenly.
  • Blend the green patches with a sponge for a decaying effect.

4. Wild Hair

  • Style your hair into a wild, messy look.
  • You can use a wig with unruly, greenish hair for an authentic touch.

5. Black Lips

  • Paint your lips black to give them a sinister appearance.
  • Apply a matte black lipstick for a long-lasting effect.

6. Beetlejuice Stripes

  • Create the signature black and white stripes using black face paint.
  • Apply them horizontally across your face, neck, and any exposed skin.

7. Contouring

  • Use gray and black eyeshadow for contouring to make your features appear more sunken and ghostly.

8. Beetlejuice Costume

  • Complete the look with a Beetlejuice costume, including a black and white striped suit and a red tie.

Beetlejuice Group Costume Ideas

Want to get up as characters from Beetlejuice with a group of friends?

Below are some ideas!

Beetlejuice Group Costume Ideas
Image via @nursejuancarlos

Summary – Beetlejuice Costumes for Halloween

In summary, there are lots of options to dress up as Beetlejuice for Halloween or cosplay. You can’t go wrong with dressing up as Beetlejuice!

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