DIY Poison Ivy Costume: Unleash Your Inner Villain!


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Halloween is the perfect time to embrace your inner villain, and Poison Ivy, the infamous eco-terrorist from the Batman universe, offers a captivating and alluring costume choice. With her fiery red hair, lush green attire, and a poisonous touch, Poison Ivy's character allows for a truly unique and memorable Halloween transformation.

In this DIY Poison Ivy costume guide, we'll explore everything you need to recreate her iconic look, from clothing to makeup, and even delve into the background of this mesmerizing character.

Who is Poison Ivy?

Before diving into the costume details, let's take a moment to get acquainted with Poison Ivy, also known as Dr. Pamela Isley. She's one of Batman's most iconic adversaries, known for her mesmerizing beauty and her ability to control plant life. Poison Ivy's character is rooted in her passion for the environment, making her a unique and complex villain in the DC Comics world. Her signature look, featuring fiery red hair and a green ensemble, makes her an excellent choice for a Halloween costume that's both captivating and slightly wicked.

Creating the Perfect Poison Ivy Costume

Below is everything you need for a Poison Ivy DIY costume! This is one of my favorite Halloween costumes for redheads!

sexy Poison Ivy from Batman DIY costume idea for women with red hair and redheads by Very Easy Makeup
Sexy Poison Ivy (from Batman Movie) DIY Costume Idea for Women with Red Hair and Redheads

1. Green Corset

Start your Poison Ivy transformation with a green corset. This will be the foundation of your costume and provide the classic hourglass figure that Poison Ivy is known for. Opt for a shade of green that complements your skin tone.

2. Green Tights

Pair your corset with green tights to give your legs that lush, plant-like appearance. Look for tights with a bit of shimmer or pattern to mimic the texture of leaves.

3. Tutu or Skirt

Over your tights, add a green tutu or skirt. This will add volume to your costume and create a playful, whimsical touch. A layered, leafy skirt can help you achieve that botanical look.

4. Green Bodysuit

To ensure a seamless and cohesive appearance, consider wearing a green bodysuit under your corset. This not only enhances comfort but also ensures that you're covered from top to bottom.

5. Red Wig

Poison Ivy's fiery red hair is one of her most distinctive features. Invest in a high-quality red wig to complete your look. You can style it in loose waves to capture her alluring charm.

6. Green Shoes

Don't forget the shoes! Look for green heels or sandals to match your costume. If you can find footwear with vine-like or leafy embellishments, that's even better.

Creating a Plus-Size Poison Ivy Costume: Embracing Natural Beauty

Want to create a DIY Poison Ivy costume in plus size? I've got you covered!

Here's what you need for a DIY plus size Poison Ivy costume.

Plus Size Sexy Costume Poison Ivy
Sizes: 1X, 2X, 3X, 4X, 5X

View Plus Size Poison Ivy Costume on Amazon

1. Finding the Right Corset

Opt for a corset that offers ample support and comfort. Look for designs with adjustable lacing for a customized fit, ensuring you feel confident and secure throughout the festivities.

Here's a GREAT green corset for a Poison Ivy costume in plus size:

This green bodysuit comes in sizes X-Large up to 6X-Large.

2. Choosing Flattering Green Tights

Select opaque green tights that provide coverage while accentuating your legs. Consider high-quality options with a bit of stretch to ensure a comfortable fit. These green tights come in sizes 1-2 plus up to 7-8 plus.

3. Green Tutu or Skirt

Opt for a tutu or skirt that complements your body shape. A-line or flowy skirts in shades of green can be both playful and flattering, allowing you to move with ease.

5.  Poison Ivy Wig

When it comes to wigs, select a style that enhances your natural beauty. Look for a red wig that complements your skin tone and consider options with adjustable straps for a secure fit.

6. Green Shoes or Heels

Choose green shoes that offer both style and comfort. Opt for heels with cushioned insoles or platform sandals for a secure and enjoyable experience.

7. Poison Ivy Makeup

Adapt the makeup routine to highlight your best features. Emphasize your eyes with flattering eyeshadow shades and bring out your lips with a rich, confident red. Use makeup techniques to enhance your natural beauty while embodying Poison Ivy's allure.

Remember, confidence is key. Own your look and carry yourself with the same self-assuredness that Poison Ivy exudes. Embrace your natural beauty and let your inner eco-terrorist shine this Halloween!

Poison Ivy Makeup Magic

Now that you have your costume essentials, let's dive into the makeup details. Poison Ivy's makeup is all about creating an enchanting yet sinister allure. Here's how to achieve it:

1. Complexion

Begin with a flawless complexion using a green-tinted foundation or primer. This step not only sets the tone for your character but also helps create a botanical undertone.

2. Eyes

Go for dramatic, smoky eyes with shades of green and brown eyeshadow. Add bold eyeliner and long, lush lashes for a captivating gaze. To mimic Poison Ivy's allure, consider using green contact lenses for an extra pop. And don't forget to add Poison Ivy face jewels around your eyes too!

3. Lips

Choose a deep, rich red lipstick to enhance your pout. You can go for a matte finish for a sultry look or opt for gloss to keep it alluringly shiny.

4. Green Glitter

Scatter glitter across your cheeks and nose for a charmingly innocent touch that contrasts with the character's darker side. Don't forget to add green glitter to your arms and body too!

5. Leafy Accents

Adorn your face and body with leaf-shaped stickers or temporary tattoos to mimic Poison Ivy's botanical abilities. Place them strategically around your eyes and shoulders.

6. Nail Art

Don't forget about your nails! Paint them green and add small leaf or vine designs to complete the look.

Creative Poison Ivy Costume Ideas!

Looking to elevate your Poison Ivy costume and stand out from the crowd?

Here are more seductive Poison Ivy costume ideas!

1. Vivacious Ivy Locks

Make a bold statement by donning a luscious Poison Ivy wig that perfectly mimics her fiery red hair. Let your hair flow and capture that botanical beauty.

2. Tights of Enchantment

Turn heads with tights adorned with Poison Ivy's signature leaves and vines. These intricate details will add depth and charm to your costume.

3. Emerald Green Elegance

Slip into a pair of emerald green gloves to add a touch of elegance and mystique to your Poison Ivy persona. These gloves will exude sophistication while keeping you warm on a chilly Halloween night.

4. Dynamic Duo with Harley Quinn

Double the fun by teaming up with a friend dressed as Harley Quinn. This dynamic duo promises endless mischief and memorable moments as you bring Gotham's intriguing personalities to life.

5. Seductive Eye Mask

Enhance the allure with a sexy Poison Ivy eye mask. This tantalizing accessory adds a touch of mystery to your ensemble while highlighting your captivating eyes.

6. Vine-Covered Enchantment

For a truly enchanting appearance, adorn yourself with fake vines. Wrap them gracefully around your body to become one with the lush surroundings, just like the eco-terrorist herself.

7. Instant Costume Magic

If you're short on time or DIY skills, consider the convenience of buying a complete Poison Ivy costume on Amazon by California Costumes. It's the perfect solution for a stunning yet hassle-free look. Amazon sells the Poison Ivy costume in sizes X-Small to X-Large and in plus sizes too!

These Poison Ivy costumes come in sizes 1X to 4X and 1X to 5X on Amazon:

8. Sultry Leather Bustier Dress

Combine sexiness with style by wearing a leather green bustier dress. This daring choice will accentuate your curves and make you feel like the ultimate seductress.

9. Light Green Bustier Top

Opt for a light green bustier top for a slightly different take on Poison Ivy's classic look. This variation adds a refreshing twist to your costume. Amazon sells bustier tops in sizes 3X and 4X

10. Velvet Green Bodysuit

Elevate your costume's texture with a velvet green bodysuit. This luxurious fabric not only looks stunning but also feels incredibly comfortable.

11. Lace and Allure

Consider a green lace bodysuit paired with tights for a delicate yet alluring take on Poison Ivy's attire. The lace detailing adds a touch of sophistication to your look.


12. Glittering Green Facade

Make your face a masterpiece by covering it in green glitter. This dazzling touch will ensure you shine brightly as the queen of Gotham's botanical world.

13. Lush Green Lashes

Flutter your way to enchantment with green eyelashes. They're a subtle yet impactful addition to your makeup, adding depth and allure to your gaze.

14. Face Adornments

Finish your look with Poison Ivy jewels elegantly placed on your face. These intricate details will draw attention to your captivating features and complete your transformation into the seductive eco-terrorist.

Poison Ivy Hair Ideas

If you want to go all out with your Poison Ivy costume, you could even color your hair or buy a Poison Ivy wig! Below is the best red hair dye and the best Poison Ivy wig to mirror Poison Ivy's hair!

Poison Ivy Hair:

Accessorize with Poison Ivy's Personality

To truly embody Poison Ivy, it's not just about the costume and makeup; it's about channeling her character. She's confident, seductive, and passionate about her cause. Carry yourself with an air of self-assuredness and enchantment. Remember to add a touch of theatricality to your movements, as Poison Ivy is known for her graceful and deliberate demeanor.


Creating a DIY Poison Ivy Halloween costume allows you to embrace the allure of one of DC Comics' most iconic villains. With the right clothing, makeup, and accessories, you can bring this captivating character to life and make a memorable impression at any Halloween party. So, slip into that green corset, don the fiery red wig, and let your inner eco-terrorist flourish as you transform into the mesmerizing Poison Ivy. Happy haunting!

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