13 Easy DIY Devil Costume Ideas for Halloween!


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Want to make your own DIY devil costume?

You are in luck!

Below is exactly what you need to buy for an awesome DIY Devil Halloween costume. This devil Halloween costume is perfect for college or for a sexy Halloween costume idea!

Below are links for what to buy for an easy devil DIY Halloween costume. You'll also find DIY devil Halloween costume ideas and devil costume makeup ideas!

Easy and Sexy Devil Costume Ideas

Below are more sexy devil Halloween costume ideas, and how to copy the devil costume! I'll be adding more DIY devil costume ideas soon!

1. Dress up as a Devil for College

For a sexy college Halloween costume idea, why not dress up as a devil!? For this costume idea, wear a red lace bra, bootie shorts (or a short red skirt), a devil headband, dark eyeliner, fishnet tights (optional), and a devil fork! Your best friend or roommate can dress up as a devil too for fun best friend Halloween costumes!

Sexy College Devil Costume
Via Instagram @allieechurch


2. Wear Red Devil Wings for a Devil Cosplay Costume

For a devil cosplay costume, start with a red skirt and a red bustier top. Then, you'll want to wear red angel wings, red fishnet tights, red heels, red gloves, and red devil horns! And of course, don't be afraid of wearing a crazy wig as well!

Devil cosplay costume
Image via @kyleecarterrr

3. Wear a Red Cape and All Black

For an easy DIY devil Halloween costume, wear all black and then wear a red cape with devil horns and a devil tail!

DIY Devil Costume with Cape
Image via @dominika_we

4. Dress up as a Devil and Have Your Dog Be an Angel

For cute (and easy!) dog and owner Halloween costumes, you can dress up as a devil and your dog can be a cute angel! These angel wings for dogs are a great large dog costume idea too, especially as a Halloween costume for Samoyeds!

cute owner and large dog Halloween costumes
Image via @kipthesamoyed

5. Wear Red Contacts for a Devilish Costume

To really go all out for your devil Halloween costume, wear red contacts! Complete the look with black eyeliner, red lipstick, and red earrings!

DIY devil costume idea with red contacts
Image via @glamberbaby

6. Wear a Red Leotard and Black Fishnet Tights

For a sexy devil costume, wear a red leotard with black fishnet tights. Hold a red fork and wear a red boa for extra fun. Finally, put fake blood on your neck and wear black eyeliner and devil horns.

Devil Halloween costume idea with red leotard
Image via @krushedit

7.  Hold a Skull and a Knife

For a scary devil costume, hold a skull in one hand and a knife in the other. Write "kill" on your neck and wear bright red lipstick. For your DIY devil costume, wear a red mini skirt with a matching crop top or bra, and over the knee boots.

DIY devil Halloween costume with skirt
Image via @christinagrandl

8. Wear a Red Leather Bodysuit

For a sexy devil cosplay costume, wear a red leather bodysuit with tights!

sexy devil costume with red bodysuit
Image via @missbobbyyu

9. Wear a Red Corset with White Tights

If you want to be a sexy devil for Halloween, a corset will always do the trick! Wear a bright red corset with white tights, a devil headband, and a necklace with a cross on it.

sexy devil costume with red corset
Image via @prettyinpinkltd

10. Wear a Red Sports Bra with a Skirt and Fake Blood

For a last minute Halloween costume, you can dress up as a devil by copying this DIY devil Halloween costume idea! All you need is a red sports bra and a red skirt. Then, draw fake blood onto your chest, use lipstick or face paint to draw devil horns on your face, and finish up your outfit with a devil headband.

last minute Halloween costume idea + DIY devil Halloween costume
Image via @gab_allen

11. Dress up as a Devil and Have Your BFF Be an Angel

For fun Halloween costumes for two girls, have one of you be a devil and the other be an angel! For a super easy DIY devil costume, just wear a black dress with a red cape and red horns. For an easy DIY angel costume, wear a white lace dress with angel wings and a halo.

devil and angel Halloween costumes
Image via @kellysimek

12. Color Your Hair Red

To go all out with your devil Halloween costume, why not color your hair red? Or you could always wear a wig! This is a great idea for a DIY devil cosplay costume!

devil Halloween costume idea with red hair
Image via @mara.ambronn

13. Wear a Velvet Outfit

For a hot devil Halloween costume, wear a two piece outfit that is velvet! This veltet crop top and pants is perfect for a devil Halloween costume!

devil Halloween costume idea with pants
Image via @lilhoneyteddy

What You Need for a DIY Sexy Devil Costume

For a quick and easy DIY Devil costume, you'll want a red skirt, a red top, and devil horns! To really complete your DIY devil outfit, you'll want a devil bowtie, red clothes, and a devil fork!

1. Red Skirt

Either of these two red skirts is perfect for a DIY devil Halloween costume!

2. Red T-Shirt

A basic red t-shirt will work for an easy devil costume. Or, you could go with something a bit sexier and wear a red bustier top!

3. Devil Horns

A headband with devil horns is a must-have!

4. Devil Fork and Red Gloves

This devil accessory costume kit is perfect for a DIY devil Halloween costume!

Creative Makeup Ideas for Your Devil Costume

If you really want to go all out, then consider some devil-inspired makeup as well! Below are some ideas!

devil makeup ideas
Image via @mara.amrbonn

1. Get Fiery Red Eyes

  • Start with a bold red eyeshadow to create a smoky effect around your eyes.
  • Add dramatic black eyeliner and mascara to make your eyes pop.
  • Apply red or orange contact lenses for an eerie, demonic look.

2. Use Red and Gold Highlighter

  • Contour your face with deep red or burgundy shades to emphasize your cheekbones and jawline.
  • Highlight with a shimmering red or gold powder to add dimension and a devilish glow.

3. Get Sinful Lips

Paint your lips with a deep, blood-red lipstick for a seductive pout. Then, enhance the corners with black or deep purple to give a sinister twist.

Or, you could just wear black lipstick!!

Devil Halloween costume Idea
Image via @i.am.new.moon_

4. Apply Scale-Like Patterns

  • Create scale-like patterns around your cheeks and neck with black or dark red face paint.

5. Finish with Glitter and Gems

  • Add some red and gold glitter to your eyelids and cheeks for a sparkly, otherworldly touch.
  • Adorn your face with small, red gemstones to create an alluring, supernatural effect.

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