10 Amazing Halloween Costumes with a Black Corset


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Halloween costumes with a black corset

Halloween is the time of year when you can let your imagination run wild and transform into anyone or anything you desire. Whether you're attending a spooky soirée or trick-or-treating with friends, choosing the perfect costume is essential to getting into the Halloween spirit.

One accessory that adds both allure and versatility to your costume repertoire is the black corset.

This Halloween costume guide is all about Halloween costumes with a black corset!

What is a Black Corset?

A black corset is more than just an undergarment; it's a fashion statement that can instantly elevate your Halloween costume game. Its dark, mysterious, and form-fitting nature makes it a perfect choice for a variety of Halloween looks.

Halloween Costume Ideas with a Black Corset

Here are some classic and creative Halloween costumes where a black corset can be your secret weapon. These Halloween costumes with a black corset are sexy and fun!

1. Gothic Vampire

The allure of vampires has captivated Halloween enthusiasts for generations.

Gothic vampire costume with a black corset
Image via Etsy

View Gothic Vampire Costume on Etsy

To create a seductive Gothic vampire costume with a black corset, you'll need:

  • A black corset to cinch your waist and create an elegant silhouette.
  • A flowing black gown or a lace-trimmed skirt.
  • Vampire fangs and pale makeup for that undead allure.
  • Dramatic black or deep red accessories, like a choker and long glove

2. Playboy Bunny

A classic (and sexy!) Halloween costume idea with a black corset is to dress up as a Playboy Bunny.

Playboy Bunny costume with black corset
Image via Etsy

View Playboy Bunny Costume on Etsy

Here’s how to create your own Playboy Bunny Halloween costume with a black corset:

  • Black Corset as the Foundation: Begin with a black corset to create an alluring and cinched waistline, an iconic feature of the Playboy bunny look.
  • Bunny Ears Headband: Craft or purchase bunny ears headbands in black or a matching color to your corset. You can add a satin or velvet finish to the ears for a luxurious touch.
  • Tail and Bow Tie: Create a fluffy bunny tail by attaching a white pom-pom or a cotton ball to the back of your corset. Craft a matching white bow tie and secure it around your neck for a playful touch.
  • Cuffs and Collar: Design cuffs using white satin or lace fabric, which you can attach around your wrists. Create a white collar using the same materials and secure it around your neck for that classic Playboy bunny look.
  • Bottoms: Wear black high-waisted shorts or a skirt to match the corset. Ensure that the bottoms are comfortable and allow for ease of movement.
  • Sheer Stockings: Don sheer black stockings or fishnet tights to complete the look. Consider attaching a small white tail accessory to the back of the stockings for added detail.
  • High Heels: Choose black high-heeled pumps or stilettos to elongate your legs.
  • Makeup and Hair: Create a glamorous makeup look with smoky eyes, long lashes, and red lipstick. Style your hair in loose, voluminous waves or a sleek, straight look, whichever you prefer for a sexy touch.
  • Optional Accessories: To complete your DIY Playboy bunny costume, you can add a satin black bowtie necklace, long gloves, and a prop Playboy magazine for an extra touch of authenticity.

3. Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood is a sexy Halloween costume that naturally incorporates a black corset!

Little Red Riding Hood Costume with corset
Image via Etsy

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Here's how to create a DIY Little Red Riding Hood costume with a black corset. So sexy!

  • Black Corset as the Base: Start with a black corset to create a defined waistline and add a modern twist to the classic Little Red Riding Hood look.
  • Red Hooded Cape: Wear a red hooded cape that flows over your shoulders, symbolizing Little Red Riding Hood's iconic accessory.
  • White Blouse and Skirt: Pair the corset with a white peasant blouse and a knee-length red skirt for a traditional and innocent look.
  • Black Ankle Boots: Complete the outfit with black ankle boots to add a touch of elegance and practicality.
  • Basket with Faux Treats: Carry a small basket filled with faux goodies to complete the look and capture the essence of Little Red Riding Hood's journey to grandma's house.
  • Makeup and Hair: Keep makeup simple with a natural look and rosy cheeks. Style your hair in loose, flowing waves or a low ponytail with a red ribbon for a sweet touch.

4. Seductive Witch

Witches have always been a Halloween favorite, and a black corset can take your witch costume to the next level.

seductive witch costume with black corset
Image via Etsy

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Here's what you'll need to dress up in a witch costume with a black corset:

  • A black corset to enhance your witchy curves.
  • A witch's hat, pointy boots, and a broomstick.
  • A flowing black dress or a skirt and top combination.
  • Green face makeup or a witch's mask to complete the look.

5. Enchanting Steampunk

Steampunk offers a unique blend of Victorian elegance and futuristic gadgets, making it a compelling choice for a Halloween costume with a black corset.

Halloween costumes with black corset
Image via Etsy

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To create a captivating Steampunk costume, you'll require:

  • A black corset with intricate detailing.
  • A high-collared blouse and a layered skirt or pants.
  • Goggles, a top hat, and an assortment of gears and cogs as accessories.
  • Boots or Victorian-style shoes to complete the look.

6. Sexy Pirate

Making your own DIY pirate costume with a black corset is sexy and fun!

pirate Halloween costume with black corset
Image via Etsy

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To transform into a sexy pirate, follow these steps:

  • Corset: Begin with your black corset, using it to cinch your waist and create a structured silhouette. Opt for a corset with lace-up details for an authentic pirate touch.
  • Flowing Blouse and Skirt: Pair the corset with a billowy white blouse with ruffled sleeves. Tuck the blouse into a high-waisted black skirt or opt for a layered, asymmetrical skirt for added flair.
  • Pirate Accessories: Adorn yourself with a wide belt, a tricorn hat, and tall leather boots. Don't forget a faux leather sash for a swashbuckling touch.
  • Eye Patch and Prop Sword: Complete the look with an eye patch and a prop sword for that unmistakable pirate flair.

7. Dark Angel

A dark angel is the perfect Halloween costume idea with a black corset!

dark angel costume with black corset
Image via Etsy

View Dark Angel Costume on Etsy

To achieve this look, you'll need several key elements to create a celestial yet enigmatic appearance. Here's a step-by-step guide on what you need:

  • Black Corset: Look for a corset with lace, sequin, or other elegant details to add sophistication to your ensemble. Ensure it fits snugly to create a defined waistline and enhance your figure.
  • Long, Flowing Gown: Select a long gown in shades of deep gray or black. Opt for one with ethereal elements like lace, tulle, or sequins to evoke a celestial aura. I personally LOVE this black corset dress from REVOLVE for dressing up as a dark angel!
  • Feathered Wings: Craft or purchase a pair of dark, feathered wings to attach to your costume.
  • Halo or Crown: Create a halo or crown using wire, ribbon, and artificial flowers. Place it delicately atop your head to signify your celestial status.
  • Dark Makeup and Accessories: Use dark and dramatic makeup to enhance your dark angel persona. Opt for smoky eye makeup with dark eyeshadow and eyeliner. You can also add glitter or shimmer for a celestial touch. Dark lipstick or lip gloss can complete the look.
  • Jewelry: Consider wearing dark, elegant jewelry like black gemstone earrings, bracelets, or a necklace to add a touch of mystique to your costume.
  • Ethereal Hairstyle: Style your hair in a way that complements your dark angel look. Loose, flowing waves or curls can create an ethereal and angelic effect. Consider adding subtle hair accessories like black or silver hairpins for a celestial touch.
  • Dark Nails: Paint your nails in dark colors, such as black or deep gray, to match the overall theme of your costume.

8. Mysterious Masquerade Ballerina

If you want to show off your figure, dress up as a ballerina for Halloween!

Black Swam costume with a black corset
Image via Etsy

View Black Ballerina Costume on Etsy

Below is how to make your own DIY ballerina costume with a black corset:

  • Black Corset: Begin with a black corset. Choose a tight-fitting corset.
  • Tutu: Wear a white tutu or a flowing tulle skirt. Amazon has tons!
  • Accessories: Accessorize with a masquerade mask and delicate ballet slippers.
  • Hairstyle: Style your hair in a ballet bun with loose tendrils.
  • Jewelry: Add a pearl necklace and elegant earrings.

9. Jareth from The Labyrinth

Dressing up as Jareth from The Labyrinth isn’t just a costume for men!

David Bowie Goblin King Labyrinth costume with black corset
Image via Etsy

View Labrinth Goblin King Costume on Etsy

You can dress up as Jareth (David Bowie) for Halloween and incorporate a black corset into this costume. Here’s how!

  • Black Corset as the Base: Begin with a black corset to create a striking and edgy foundation for your Jareth costume.
  • White Ruffled Blouse: Pair the corset with a white ruffled blouse featuring billowy sleeves and a high collar for a touch of the Goblin King's elegance.
  • Black Trousers or Leggings: Wear fitted black trousers or leggings for a sleek and stylish lower half.
  • Boots: Complete the look with tall, black leather or faux leather boots to capture Jareth's iconic footwear.
  • Accessories: Add a few essential accessories, such as a crystal ball or orb prop, held in one hand to mimic Jareth's mysterious presence. Wear a single black leather or faux leather glove on one hand for a touch of the Goblin King's flair. Consider a silver chain necklace with a crystal pendant to capture Jareth's enigmatic charm.
  • Makeup and Hair: Style your hair in a voluminous, slicked-back, blonde wig or your natural hair if it's long and blonde. Apply subtle makeup with a focus on defined cheekbones, a smoky eye look, and pale lips to embody Jareth's ethereal appearance.

10. Gothic Bride of Frankenstein

For a hauntingly elegant look, embrace the Gothic Bride of Frankenstein style by incorporating a black corset into your Halloween ensemble.

Bride of Frankenstein Halloween costume with a black corset
Image via Pinterest

Here’s how to copy this Halloween costume with a black corset!

  • Black Corset: Start with a black corset featuring a slightly distressed or Gothic design to create a defined waistline and add a touch of dark allure.
  • Tattered White Wedding Gown: Pair the corset with a tattered white wedding gown or dress, capturing the contrast between darkness and innocence.
  • Accessories: Add white face makeup to create a ghostly appearance and draw black stitches on your face to mimic the iconic Bride of Frankenstein look.
  • Hairstyle: Wear a white or black wig styled in a beehive or teased updo for a dramatic and electrifying effect. This black and white wig for dressing up as the Bride of Frankenstein would be perfect!
  • Bouquet: Optionally, carry a bouquet of dark, artificial flowers to complete the eerie bridal aesthetic.

11. Harley Quinn

There are many Harley Quinn costumes out there, but you can also create your own sexy Harley Quinn costume with a black corset!

DIY Harley Quinn costume with a black corset
Image via @ladychiara86

Store Bought Costumes with a Black Corset

If you want a Halloween costume with a black corset that you can easily buy online, check out these costumes with a black corset!

1. Little Red Riding Hood

This Little Red Riding Hood costume includes a black corset and is so sexy!

Halloween costume with black corset + Little Red Riding Hood Costume
Image via apluscostumes.com

View Costume on Amazon

2. Steampunk

This black dress with a corset is perfect for a Steampunk Halloween costume!

Steampunk costume with black corset
Image via apluscostumes.com

View Costume on Amazon

3. Dark Angel

This dark angel costume comes in sizes small to 3X-Large and is perfect for Halloween! If it's cold on Halloween night, you can wear a leather jacket with this costume.

Dark Angel Halloween costume + costume with black corset
Image via apluscostumes.com

View Costume on Amazon

Choosing the Right Corset Style for Your Costume

Here are some considerations when choosing which black corset to buy online.

1. Lace Details

If your costume leans towards a Gothic or romantic look, opt for a black corset with intricate lace details. This adds elegance and enhances the overall aesthetic.

2. Sequin Embellishments

For a touch of glamour and mystique, choose a corset with subtle sequin embellishments. These can catch the light and create a celestial shimmer.

3. Underbust or Overbust

Decide whether you want an underbust or overbust corset. An underbust corset leaves your bust area exposed and works well with a blouse or dress, while an overbust corset provides full coverage and can be paired with a strapless gown.

4. Fit and Comfort

Ensure that the corset you choose fits you comfortably. It should provide adequate support while allowing you to move and breathe easily throughout the evening.

5. Lacing Style

Consider the lacing style of the corset. Traditional back lacing provides a classic look, while front or side lacing can add a unique twist to your costume.

Black Corset Sizing and Fit Guide: How to Measure Yourself

Achieving a perfect fit with your black corset is essential for comfort and aesthetics. Here's how to measure for a corset that fits you flawlessly:

1. Waist Measurement

Use a flexible measuring tape to measure your natural waistline, typically the narrowest part of your torso. Make sure the tape is snug but not tight. This measurement will determine the corset size you need.

2. Bust Measurement

If you're choosing an overbust corset, measure the fullest part of your bust. Ensure the tape is comfortably snug but not constricting.

3. Hip Measurement

Measure around the fullest part of your hips if your costume involves a corset that extends to the hips. This measurement will help ensure the corset provides the right fit in the lower portion.

4. Torso Length

Measure from the base of your bust to your natural waistline and, if applicable, to your hips. This measurement helps in choosing the right corset length for your body.

5. Consider Corset Style

Different corset styles may have different sizing requirements. Some may require more or less flexibility in measurement, so check with the manufacturer's guidelines when selecting your corset style.

Adjusting and Wearing the Corset Comfortably

Once you have your black corset, follow these steps to ensure a comfortable fit:

1. Seasoning the Corset

If your corset is brand new, it's essential to "season" it before wearing it for an extended period. This involves gradually tightening the corset over several wearings to allow the fabric and boning to adapt to your body's shape.

2. Lacing Technique

Begin by loosening the laces at the back of the corset. Put on the corset, making sure the busk (the front closure) is properly aligned. Starting from the top and bottom, gradually tighten the laces, working your way towards the center of the corset. Do not overtighten initially; it should feel snug but not uncomfortable.

3. Maintain Proper Posture

A corset is designed to improve posture, so stand upright with your shoulders back and your back straight. This will not only enhance the fit but also add to the elegance of your costume.

4. Breathing

With a properly fitted corset, you should be able to breathe comfortably, although your breaths may be shallower than usual. If you experience difficulty breathing or discomfort, immediately loosen the corset.

5. Wearing Duration

If you're not accustomed to wearing a corset, limit the duration of wear, especially during the initial wearings. Gradually increase the time you wear it to ensure comfort and prevent strain.

6. Breaks and Mobility

Take short breaks to move and stretch if you're wearing your corset for an extended period. Avoid any activities that require excessive bending or twisting while wearing a corset.

7. Removing the Corset

When removing the corset, gradually loosen the laces from top to bottom. Never yank the corset off; it should be removed gently to maintain its shape.


In conclusion, there are so many Halloween costumes with a black corset! Plus, a black corset is like a secret weapon that can turn your outfit into something extraordinary. Whether you want to be a sultry Playboy bunny or an elegant dark angel, the black corset adds a touch of sophistication and allure that's hard to beat.

From easy DIY ideas to iconic characters, the options are endless. Whether you're going for fantasy, historical charm, or a modern twist, that black corset will make you stand out and leave a lasting impression at any Halloween bash. So, dare to be fabulous and embrace the magic of Halloween!

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