56 Best Family Halloween Costumes for Halloween 2023!


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Best Family Halloween Costumes

Family Halloween Costumes

It can be hard to find family Halloween costumes that work for everyone in the family.

Thankfully, this guide has 50+ family Halloween costume ideas to choose from!

Whether you are a family of 3 searching for Halloween costumes, a family with toddlers at home, a couple with a newborn baby, or a family that loves all things Disney, you can find a great family Halloween costume theme in this Halloween costume guide.

Below are lots of family Halloween costume ideas.

You’ll find Star Wars family Halloween costumes, family Halloween costumes with a dog, easy family Halloween costumes, and creative family Halloween costumes.

Best Family Halloween Costumes

Once you’ve decided which family Halloween costume idea you love the most, please leave a comment below to share your favorite costume idea!!

1. Beetlejuice

These frightfully scary Beetlejuice costumes are both creative and fun! You will be certain to turn heads in these family Halloween costumes!

Beetlejuice Family Halloween Costumes

Shop Beetlejuice Costumes

2. Astronauts

Dressing up as astronauts is such an easy (and cute!) family Halloween costume idea. Plus, these family Halloween costumes will keep your little ones warm on Halloween night.

Family Halloween Costumes Astronauts

Shop NASA Costumes

3… 2… 1… Blast off! 🚀

For a twist on this family Halloween costume idea, you could dress up as astronauts, a spaceship, and an alien!

funny family of 4 Halloween costumes
Image via @aprilathena7

View Alien Costume on Amazon

3. Minions

Dressing up as Minions is such a cute Disney family Halloween costume idea! These family Halloween costumes work if you have a baby, a toddler, or older kids.

Family Halloween Costumes with Toddler Minions

Shop Minion Costumes

4. Star Wars

You can't go wrong dressing up as Star Wars characters for Halloween!!! If you love Star Wars, check out these Star Wars dog costumes!

Star Wars Family Halloween Costumes

Shop Star Wars Costumes

May the force be with you (and your family!). Everyone will love these family Halloween costumes. ☺️

5. Farmers and Farm Animals

Dressing up as farmers and farm animals is perfect if you have little kids at home! Plus, this baby duck costume is so, so cute!!

Easy Family Halloween Costumes Farmers and Farm Animals

Shop Farm Animals Costumes

Dressing up as farmers and farm animals is such an easy family Halloween costume idea! 🐮🐔🐰

6. Ninja Turtles

The great thing about dressing up as Ninja Turtles for Halloween is that you can easily buy Ninja Turtles costumes on Amazon or create your own DIY costumes!

Family Halloween Costumes Ninja Turtles

Shop Ninja Turltes Costumes

7. A League of Their Own

Dressing up as characters from A League of Their Own is one of the best family Halloween costume ideas for families with girls!

Family of 5 Halloween Costumes a League of Their Own Movie

Shop A League of Their Own Costumes

8. The Avengers

If your kids love superheroes, then why not dress up as characters from The Avengers for Halloween?!

The Avengers Halloween Costume for Families with Kids

There are so many Avenger costumes for kids and families to choose from. 

Shop Avengers Costumes

9. Game of Thrones

Your kids will love dressing up as dragons in these Game of Thrones family costumes.

Family of 4 Halloween Costumes Game of Thrones

Shop Game of Thrones Costumes

10. Charlie Brown and The Great Pumpkin

For unique family Halloween costumes, dress up as Charlie Brown and The Great Pumpkin!

Creative Family Halloween Costumes Charlie Brown and The Great Pumpkin

Shop Charlie Brown Costumes

11. Little Red Riding Hood

You can have lots of fun as a family dressing up in Little Red Riding Hood costumes!!

Family Halloween Costumes Little Red Riding Hood

Shop Little Red Riding Hood Costumes

You can get creative with these DIY family costumes.

12. Construction Workers

Easy Family Halloween Costumes Construction Workers

Shop Construction Worker Costumes

13. Grease

Family Halloween Costumes Grease

Shop Grease Costumes

14. Frozen

Family Halloween Costumes Frozen

Shop Frozen Costumes

15. Superman and Supergirl

Family Halloween Costumes Superman and Supergirl

These superhero costumes are perfect for a SUPER family! ✨

Shop Superhero Costumes

16. The Bathroom

Creative Family Halloween Costumes The Bathroom

Shop Loofah and Soap Costumes

You can get all these funny family Halloween costumes on Amazon.

17. Skeletons from Dia De Los Muertos

Large Family Halloween Costumes Dia De Los Muertos Skeletons

Shop Skeleton Costumes

This family Halloween costume idea is perfect for large families. The great thing about dressing up as Skeletons for family is that this costume idea works for adults and adult siblings!

adult family Halloween costumes + family Skeleton costumes
Image via @tipsyelves

You can buy all of these skeleton costumes from Tipsy Elves on Amazon! Check out these adult skeleton costumes here.

18. The Justice League

Family Halloween Costumes The Justice League DC Comics

Shop The Justice League Costumes

These Batman, Wonder Woman and Super Girl costumes are perfect DC Comics costumes for the family.

19. Rockstars

Easy Family Halloween Costumes Rock Stars

Shop Rockstar Costumes

Dressing up as rockstars is an easy family Halloween costume idea.

20. The Avengers

The Avengers Family Halloween Costumes

Shop The Avengers Costumes

21. Mulan

Mulan Family Halloween Costumes

Shop Mulan Family Costumes

22. WandaVision

WandaVision Family Halloween Costumes

Shop Wanda Vision Family Costumes

23. The Addams Family

family of 5 Halloween costumes The Adams Family

Shop The Addams Family Costumes

This is one of the best family of 5 Halloween costume ideas.

Family Halloween Costumes The Adams Family

Shop Skeleton Skulls

24. Cops and Robbers

Family Halloween Costumes Cops and Robbers

Shop Cops and Robbers Costumes

Hands up! You are under arrest! Cops and robbers is such a cute (and easy!) family Halloween costume idea. 🚔❤️

25. Baby Shark

Baby Shark Family Halloween Costumes

Shop Baby Shark Family Costumes

26. Care Bears

Easy Family Halloween Costumes Care Bears

Shop Care Bears Hoodies on Etsy

This is such an easy and creative family Halloween costume idea! 🎃

27. The Gotham City's Dynamic Duo and the Deadliest Duo

Family Halloween Costumes Joker, Batman, Robin, Harley Quinn

Shop Batman and Robbin Costumes

Mom can dress up as a sexy Harley Quinn. 😅🖤

28. Disney's Peter Pan

family of 5 Disney Peter Pan Halloween costumes
Easy and Fun Halloween Costumes for 5

Shop Peter Pan Halloween Costumes

There are so many Peter Pan Halloween costumes for the whole family.

29. Disney's Toy Story

family of 5 Halloween costume from Toy Story
Perfect Costumes for Families of 5!

Shop Disney Toy Story Halloween Costumes

Dressing up as characters from Disney’s Toy Story is perfect for families of 5.

30. Winnie the Pooh

Disney family Halloween costumes from Winnie the Pooh
Super Cozy Disney Halloween Costumes for the Family!

Shop Winnie The Pooh Family Costumes

31. The Incredibles

family of 5 Halloween costumes with The Incredibles
Photo by Tiffany Wanner on Pinterest

Shop The Incredibles Family Costumes

32. Disney's Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland Disney family Halloween costumes
Photo by Costumes Works

Shop Alice in Wonderland Halloween Costumes

33. Superheroes

Family Halloween Costumes Superheroes

Shop Wonder Woman Costume Dress

34. Beauty and the Beast

Family Halloween Costumes Beauty and the Beast

Shop Disney Beauty and the Beast Costumes

35. Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head with Toy Story Characters

Toy Story Family Costume Mr. And Mrs. Potato Head with Toy Story Characters

Shop Toy Story Family Halloween Costumes

36. Wizard of Oz

family Halloween costumes for family of 5
Photo by @mia.love_.disnard

Shop Wizard of Oz Family Costumes

37. Ghostbusters

Family of 5 Halloween Costumes Ghostbusters

Shop Ghostbuster Family Halloween Costumes

38. Hocus Pocus

Hocus Pocus Family Halloween Costumes

Shop Hocus Pocus Halloween Costumes

This is such a unique and fun family Halloween costume idea!

Family Halloween Costumes Movie Hocus Pocus

Shop Hocus Pocus Costume for Dad

39. Emojis

Creative Family Halloween Costumes Emojis

Shop Family Emoji Halloween Costumes

If you use emojis all the time, why not dress up as them? 🍕 😁 😍 💃 💩

40. Big Bad Wolves and The Three Little Pigs

Gay Dad and Baby Halloween Costumes

Shop The Three Little Pigs Costumes

If you love this family Halloween costume idea, you may want to check out these gay dad Halloween costumes for families.

41. Cruella and Her Dalmatians

Family Halloween Costumes Cruella and Dalmatians

Shop Dalmatian Costume

42. Baby Shark, Lifeguard, and Shark Attack Victim

Easy Family Halloween Costumes with Baby Shark Attack and Lifeguard

Shop Baby Shark Halloween Costume

43. Disney's Aladdin

Family Halloween Costumes Disney's Aladdin

Shop Aladdin Family Halloween Costumes

Your kids will love this tiger costume. The Magic Carpet cape is from Amazon too!🪄

44. The Flintstones

family Halloween costumes with toddler and baby The Flintstones

Shop The Flintstone Halloween Costumes

The Flintstones is a GREAT family Halloween costume for families with babies and toddlers. Yabba Dabba Doo! 🦴

45. Sesame Street

Family Halloween Costumes for 5 Sesame Street

Shop Sesame Street Family Costumes

You can also dress up as Cookie Monster or Oscar the Grouch for this family Halloween costume idea.

46. Up

Up Family Halloween Costumes

Shop Russel from Up Costume

47. Batman, Robin, and Catwoman

Family Halloween Costumes Batman, Robin, and Catwoman

Shop Batman and Robin Halloween Costumes

48. Harry Potter

Harry Potter Family Halloween Costumes

Shop Harry Potter Family Costumes

49. Egyptian Gods (Pharoah, Athena, Cleopatra)

Family Halloween Costumes Egyptians and Pharoah

Shop Egyptian Family Halloween Costumes

50. Aliens and Astronauts

Family and Teen Halloween Costumes Aliens and Astronauts

Shop Astronaut Halloween Costumes

You can create your own DIY alien costume with a shiny skirt and an alien headband.

51. Referees and Football Players

Family Halloween Costumes Referees and Football Players

Shop Baby Football Halloween Costume

These are the perfect family Halloween costumes for sports-loving kids. 🏈

52. Men in Black

Family and Teen Halloween Costumes Men in Black

Shop Baby Alien Halloween Costume

53. Creepy Clowns

Scary Family Halloween Costumes Creepy Clowns

Shop Creepy Clown Hallowen Costumes

54. The Nightmare Before Christmas

Disney Family Costumes Nightmare Before Christmas

Shop The Nightmare Before Christmas Costumes

These Disney family Halloween costumes get amazing reviews online.

55. Wild in the Jungle

Family Halloween Costumes Jungle

Shop Jungle Animal and Safari Ranger Costumes

56. Chucky

These family Halloween costumes are both scary and fun! This is a great family Halloween costume idea if you and your family happen to have red hair too!

scary family Halloween costumes + Chucky family costumes
Image via @thegfamily555

Get these scary family Halloween costumes: Chucky costume for mom | Chucky costume for girls | Chucky costume for dad

Summary – Best Family Halloween Costumes

In summary, there are SO MANY family Halloweens to choose from!

Whether you are a family of 3, 4, 5, or 6 – you can easily get Halloween costumes that everyone will love.

Please leave a comment below with your favorite family Halloween costume idea. And share what you will be dressing up as this year!

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