51 Easy DIY Couples Halloween Costume Ideas


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Couples DIY Costumes for Halloween

DIY Couples Halloween Costumes

Want to make your own DIY couples costumes for Halloween this year? You can always buy Halloween costumes to dress up as a sexy couple for Halloween or a Disney couple, but it’s kind of fun to make your own DIY couples costumes.

If you are searching for the best DIY couples costumes for Halloween, you are in luck!

This couple's Halloween costume guide is all about DIY couples' costumes.

Best of all, these DIY couples' costumes are also relatively easy to copy!

Continue scrolling for creative and easy DIY couples costumes for Halloween.

You’ll also find links to buy the costume accessories you’ll need to get started with these costumes!

Best DIY Couples Costumes for Halloween

Have a great time dressing up in these DIY couple's costumes!

And please leave a comment below with a link to your Instagram to share your DIY couple's Halloween costumes for Halloween!

1. Hippies

Amazon has so many costume accessories and clothing options to make your own DIY hippy costume for Halloween.

DIY Couples Costumes Hippies
Image via @kaitlynantlegilberti

Get these DIY couples costumes: Hippy Men's Headband | Hippy Fringe Vest | Flower Headband 

2. Koala and Eucalyptus

DIY Couples Costumes Koala and Eucalyptus
Image via @shellkissx

These DIY couples' costumes are so cute!

Get these DIY couples costumes: Koala Headband | Loungewear Set

3. Morticia Addams and Gomez from The Addams Family

DIY couples costumes The Addams Family
Image via @Riley Alexandra

You can buy the Morticia Addams dress on Amazon, or choose from one of the many sexy black dresses for this DIY couple's costume idea.

Get these costumes: Black Dress | Fake Hand | Bowtie

4. Doctor and His Patient

Doctor and Operation DIY Couples Costumes for Halloween
Image via @katiesproul

This popular DIY couples costume is a funny costume idea for Halloween.

Copy these DIY couples costumes: Brown Pants and Shirt | Scrubs

5. P Diddy and J Lo

DIY Couples Halloween Costumes P Diddy and J Lo
Image via @trishaenriquez

These celebrity couples' DIY costumes are easy to copy.

Dress up as J Lo and P Diddy: Gold Chain and Glasses | J Lo Sunglasses

6. Garth and Wayne from Wayne’s World

DIY Movie Couples Costumes Wayne's World
Image via @missamandaparis

These movie couples' DIY costumes for Halloween are funny!

Get these DIY couple's Halloween costumes: Wayne's World Hat and T-Shirt | Flannel Shirt

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7. Princess Peach and Mario

DIY couples costumes Princess Peach and Mario
Image via @two_scoops_of_style

Get these DIY couple's Halloween costumes: Pink Sparkly Dress | Crown | Mario Costume Accessories

If you don’t want to make your own DIY costumes, you can always buy a Princess Peach costume and a Mario costume on Amazon.

8. HIM and Ace from Powerpuff Girls

HIM and Ace DIY Powerpuff Girls Costumes
Image via @iamswastishukla

Want to get creative for Halloween? Dress up as HIM and Ace from Powerpuff girls!

9. Dentist and Tooth Fairy

DIY couples costumes dentist and Tooth Fairy
Image via @cillarose.xo

This DIY couples costume idea is perfect for couples in college.

Get these cute DIY couples costumes: Dentist | Pink Dress | Fairy Wand

10. Elvis and Priscilla Presley

DIY couples costumes Elvis and Priscilla Presley
Image via @robieezee

Dressing up as Elvis and Priscilla is a unique DIY couples costume idea.

What to Buy for these DIY Costumes: Elvis Sunglasses | Priscilla Purple Blouse

11. Pirates

You can't go wrong with dressing up as two pirates for Halloween! Create pirate costumes with eye patches, bandanas, and accessorize with toy swords or parrots on your shoulder. Amazon also has so many pirate costume accessories for this DIY couples costume idea.

Couples Pirate Halloween Costumes
Image: Amazon.com

This pirate costume for women is from Amazon, but you can easily create your own DIY pirate costumes too!

Get these DIY Couples Costumes: Pirate Costume Women | Pirate Captain Costume Men | Pirate Shirts for Women | Pirate Skirt

12. Debbie and Uncle Fester from The Addams Family

Creative Couples Costumes Uncle Fester and Debbie
Image via @princess_calaveraa

These DIY couples' costumes are so creative!

Get these DIY Debbie and Uncle Fester Couple's Costumes: Debbie White Dress | Uncle Fester Mask

13. Sandy and Danny from Grease

DIY Couples Costumes Sandy and Danny from Grease
Image: Amazon.com

Dressing up as Sandy and Danny from Grease are easy DIY couples Halloween costumes.

Get these DIY couples costumes: Sandy Shirt | Black Leggings | Danny Sunglasses

14. Fred and Daphne from Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!

DIY Couples Halloween Costumes Scooby Doo Fred and Daphne
Photo: Pinterest

Amazon sells a complete Fred costume and Daphne costume online, but you can also make your own DIY couples costumes.

DIY Scooby Doo Costumes: Orange Neckerchief | Green Scarf | Daphne Headband 

Another version of this couple's DIY costume is to dress up as Shaggy and Velma for Halloween.

15. Sailor and Mermaid

DIY Couples Costumes Mermaid and Sailor
Photo: Pinterest

Dressing up as a sailor and a mermaid is a super cute (and sexy!) DIY couple’s costume idea.

Copy this DIY Couple's Costume Idea: Sailor Hat | Mermaid Skirt | Mermaid Hair Clips

16. Barbie and Ken

DIY Couples Costumes Barbie and Ken
Photo: Pinterest

These cute DIY costumes are fun for Halloween. You can either dress up as Barbie from Toy Story 3 or as Barbie (the barbie doll!).

Get these Cute DIY Couples Costumes: Pink Barbie Dress | Barbie Leotard | Ken Shirt

17. Georgie and Pennywise from IT

DIY Couples Costumes Scary IT
Photo: Pinterest

This classic couple’s costume is both scary and creative! You can also just buy the Pennywise costume for women online.

Dress Up as a Couple from IT: Yellow Raincoat | Pennywise Corset and Balloon

18. Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy

DIY Couples Costumes Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy
Photo: Pinterest

Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy are silly couple costumes. Amazon sells all the Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy costume accessories you need.

19. Filter and NO Filter

Easy Couples Costumes Filter and No Filter
Image via @maristmarketing

You can make these last minute DIY couple’s costumes at home in a few minutes. All you need is paper and a sharpie!

20. Wendy Peffercorn and Benjamin Franklin Rodriguez from Sandlot

DIY Couples Costumes 90s Movie Sandlot
Image via @emilylauren_d

You can easily dress up as characters from Sandlot for Halloween. All you need is a baseball bat and a red swimsuit and shorts!

DIY Sandlot Costumes: Men’s Sandlot Shirt | Red Bathing Suit | Lifeguard Shorts

21. Scary Clowns

Couples Costumes Scary Clowns
Image via @maggie_tomberlin

These scary couple’s clown costumes are perfect for Halloween!

Get these couple’s costumes: DIY Clown Costume for Women | Clown Costume for Men

22. Velma and Fred

DIY couples costumes Velma and Fred
Image via @bbymeesh

23. Cloud and a Unicorn

DIY couples costumes cloud and unicorn
Image via Savanna Strauss

This is such a creative DIY couples Halloween costume idea!

24. Britney and Justin Timberlake

DIY Couples Costumes Britney and Justin Timberlake
Image via @ethan_goudee

Dressing up as Britney and Justin Timberlake is a great 90s movie star couple costume idea!

25. Prom King and Queen

DIY couples costumes prom king and queen
Image via Lucas Henrique

You will have so much fun dressing up in these DIY couple costumes.

26. Rapunzel and Flynn from Disney's Tangled

DIY Couples Costumes Tangled
Image via Yoselyn Diaz Quispe

This is such a cute couple's DIY costume idea! All you need for these DIY costumes is a pink dress and a frying pan for Rapunzel. To dress up as Flynn from Tangled, wear a blue vest over a white collared shirt. Add a brown belt and lizard pet for extra style!

27. Mermaid and Mermaid Man

DIY Couples Halloween Costumes Mermaids
Image via Jacki Frye

You can get REALLY creative with these mermaid DIY Halloween costumes. For a mermaid girl, all you need is a mermaid skirt and a bikini top (and maybe some blue eyeshadow). Amazon has LOTS of cute mermaid skirts to choose from and sparkly mermaid bikini tops. To dress up as a mermaid man, wear mermaid-themed shorts and get creative with your accessories!

28. Milkman and Housewife

DIY Couples Halloween Costume Milkman and Housewife
Image via Paige Mychael

This is such a funny DIY couple's costume idea! To dress up as a milkman, just buy a milkman hat on Amazon. Wear a white collared shirt and you are good to go. To dress up as a housewife, wear a 1950s-inspired polka dot dress and a white apron. If you have a dog, you can turn this DIY couple's costume idea into a couple and dog costume idea with your dog dressed up as a cow!

29. Dunkin' Donuts

DIY Couples Costumes Dunkin Donuts
Image via @halloween_costumes

These creative DIY couple's costumes are so much fun!! All you need are basketball jerseys and blow-up donuts. For extra style, wear sweatbands and sneakers.

30. The 90s

DIY Couples Costumes the 90s
Image via Brooke Anne

Who doesn't love the 90s? Buy some colorful and bright windbreaker suits and jackets and you have a GREAT last-minute couple's costume!

Copy this last-minute DIY Couple's Costume Idea: Windbreaker Jacket | 90s Pants for Men | 90s Pants for Women | Phone and Boombox

31. Bonnie and Clyde

DIY couples costumes Bonnie and Clyde
Image via @teiganprice_

Bonnie and Clyde are a classic Halloween couple's costume idea.

32. Cast Away

DIY Couples Costumes Pregnant Cast Away
So Creative and Fun!

These DIY couple's costumes are PERFECT if you are pregnant for Halloween.

33. Hunter and His Deer

DIY Couples Costumes hunter and his deer
Image via Dustee Rose

This is such a cute and creative DIY costume idea for couples!

34. Ventriloquist and His Dummy

DIY Couples Costumes Ventriloquist and Dummy
Image via Audrey Hamilton

This is a slightly scary DIY couples costume idea. Dressing up as a ventriloquist and his dummy is such a creative DIY costume idea!

35. Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)

DIY Couples Costumes KFC
Image via @thebabblingblondes

This DIY couple's Halloween costume will be a hit for Halloween! And why not go all out and actually carry around Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) for a snack?

36. The Grinch and Lucy Lui

These DIY Halloween costumes for a couple are so unique and cute! Learn how to copy these costumes here.

DIY couples Halloween costumes + The Grinch costumes for couples
Image via @annadanibrooks

37. Peanut Butter and Jelly

Dress one partner in a peanut costume and the other in a jelly costume for a sweet and classic duo. You can make these costumes by sewing or gluing felt pieces onto brown and purple clothing, respectively

38. Salt and Pepper

For this simple yet charming costume, wear all white and all black outfits and add S and P letters or graphics to your clothing or hats using fabric paint or adhesive paper.

39. Bob Ross and a Happy Little Tree

One partner can dress as the iconic painter Bob Ross with a curly wig and a painter's palette, while the other can wear all green as a happy little tree.

40. M&Ms

Create M&M costumes by sewing or gluing M&M graphics onto colored t-shirts. Choose your favorite M&M colors.

41. Safari Explorers

Wear khaki clothing, binoculars around your neck, and a stuffed animal as your safari companion. Add a pith helmet for authenticity.

42. Lumberjacks

Both partners can don plaid shirts, jeans, and suspenders, and carry toy axes or chainsaws for a rugged lumberjack look.

43. Spaghetti and Meatballs

One partner can wear a beige outfit with felt meatball attachments, while the other dresses in red with a spaghetti headpiece made of yarn.

44. Mime Artists

Embrace the classic mime look with striped shirts, berets, white gloves, and mime makeup.

45. Retro Diners

Dress as a '50s diner waitress and a cook with matching aprons, name tags, and retro hairstyles.

46. Mario and Luigi

You can easily buy Mario and Luigi acccessories on Amazon for this DIY couples Halloween costume idea. Or, you can make this costume DIY by wearing red and green overalls, hats with "M" and "L" logos, and mustaches!

47. Jellyfish

Attach long strips of sheer, iridescent fabric to an umbrella for the jellyfish "tentacles," and wear all white or a light-colored outfit underneath.

48. Harry Potter and Hermione Granger

Don Hogwarts robes, wands, and glasses to become the beloved wizarding pair.

49. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson

Dress in classic Victorian-era attire with one partner as Sherlock and the other as Dr. Watson, complete with a magnifying glass and a medical bag.

50. Alice and the White Rabbit

One partner can be Alice with a blue dress and white apron, while the other dresses as the White Rabbit with rabbit ears and a clock.

51. Circus Clowns

Dressing up as two clowns is one of the best Halloween costumes for couples! For the woman, wear a red coat, black over-the-knee boots, and a leotard or a crop top. For your partner, have him wear one of the many ringmaster costumes on Amazon, or a red ringmaster coat with a black top hat!

couples Halloween costumes circus clowns
Image via @kyle_cameron_fitness

Summary – Best Couple’s DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

In summary, there are lots of easy DIY couple’s costume ideas for Halloween.

Whether you want to dress up in scary couple’s costumes, cute couple’s costumes, or funny couple’s costumes, you have options!

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