21 Best Sister Halloween Costumes for Kids


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cute sister Halloween costume ideas

Spooky season is just around the corner, and that means it's time for families to start planning their Halloween costumes.

For siblings, coordinating costumes can be fun! This Halloween costume guide is all about the best sister Halloween costume ideas for kids.

From classic duos to creative ensembles, you will love these sister Halloween costumes!

P.S. If you and your sister are adults, check out these sister Halloween costume ideas for adults!

Best Sister Halloween Costumes

Your girls will look so cute in these sister Halloween costumes!

1. Ladybugs

Your girls will look so cute dressed up as two ladybugs for Halloween! For these sister Halloween costumes, all you need to buy is this cute ladybug dress costume for girls on Amazon!

sister Halloween costumes + sisters in ladybug Halloween costumes
Image via @waterwings.finger

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2. Mario and Princess Peach

You probably think of Mario and Princess Peach as one of the best sibling Halloween costume ideas. If you have two girls, one can be a cute Mario (in a dress!) and the other one can be Princess Peach!

sister Halloween costumes + two girls in Mario and Princess Peach costumes
Image via @emmaraereps

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Get these sister Halloween costumes: Mario costume for girls | Princess Peach costume for girls

3. Cute Witches

There are so many witch Halloween costumes for little girls to choose from! Instead of having your girls dress up in a black witch costume, why not dress them up as two cute witches? You can get these cute sister costumes online on Etsy from FancySchmancyBaby!!

sister Halloween costumes cute witches
Image via @fancy_schmancy_baby

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4. Cruella and Her Dalmatian

If you have a little girl who is dying to dress up as Cruella de Vil for Halloween (and who wouldn't want to?!), then she can dress up as Cruella De Vil and her younger, baby sister can dress up as a Dalmatian!

older sister and baby sister Halloween costumes + Cruella and Dalmatian costume idea
Image via @florenceandbunny

Dressing up as Cruella and a Dalmatian are such cute and creative Halloween costumes for an older sister and a baby sister!

Sibling Halloween Costumes Cruella and Dalmatian

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5. Ghosts

Dressing up as two ghosts is such a cute Halloween costume idea for two sisters! Perfect for an older sister and a baby sister!

Sibling Halloween Costumes Ghosts
Sizes: Baby, Toddler, and Kids (14/16)

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6. Troop Beverly Hills

These DIY Halloween costumes for two sisters are so creative and cute!

Sibling Halloween Costumes Troop Beverly Hills

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You will also love these Beverly Hills costumes for two sisters from Etsy!

sister Halloween costumes Troop Beverly Hills
Image via Etsy

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7. Condiments

If you have triplet girls at home, dressing up as ketchup, relish, and mustard are the perfect matching sister costumes!

Triplets Halloween Costumes for Babies

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8. Thing 1 and Thing 2

Your girls will love these DIY sister Halloween costumes!

Sibling Halloween Costumes thing 1 and Thing 2

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9. Milk and Cookies

If you have two little girls at home, one can dress up as milk and the other one can dress up as a cookie for Halloween!

Cute Baby Halloween Costume Milk and Cookies
Sizes: 0-3 Mos, 3-6 Mos, 6-12 Mos, and Larger

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10. Cute Clowns

These cute clown costumes are perfect for two toddler sisters!!

toddler sister Halloween costumes cute clowns
Image via Etsy

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11. Queen of Hearts, Alice, and The Rabit from Alice in Wonderland

These sister Halloween costumes for three girls are so, so cute!!

Sibling Halloween Costumes Alice in Wonderland

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12. Bo Beep and Jessie from Disney's Toy Story

Your girls will love dressing up as Bo Beep and Jessie from Toy Story for Halloween! These costumes for sibling sisters are so, so cute!!

Halloween costumes for 4 siblings + Toy Story sibling costumes
Image via @hellobabybrown

13. Starbucks Baristas

If you have two girls at home, they may love dressing up as Starbucks baristas for Halloween!

Sibling Halloween Costumes Starbucks Baristas
Sizes: Baby, 3-9 years, Teen, and Adult

View Costumes on Etsy

15. Hocus Pocus Witches

If you have two or three girls at home, these sibling-sister Halloween costumes would be just perfect!!

Sibling Girl Halloween Costumes Hocus Pocus Witches
Sizes: 2T to 12 on Etsy

View Costumes on Etsy

There are a couple of Hocus Pocus/Sanderson costumes for sisters on Etsy. These Sanderson Sister costumes are cute too!

sister Halloween costumes Hocus Pocus
Image via @emmaraereps

View Costumes on Etsy

16. Peanut Butter and Jelly

Your girls will be so comfortable in these cute peanut butter and jelly Halloween costumes for two sisters!

Sibling Halloween Costumes Peanut Butter and Jelly
Sizes: Baby, Toddler, and Kid


17. Chick Fil A Worker and a Cow

These sibling sister Halloween costumes are too cute!!

Creative Sibling Halloween Costumes Chick Fil A Worker and a Cow


18. Velma and Daphne from Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!

Dressing up as Velma and Daphne are perfect for sibling Halloween costumes! This is a great sister sibling Halloween costume idea for adults too!

Sibling Halloween Costumes Velma and Daphne


19. Cute Witches

Dressing up as cute witches is such a cute and easy Halloween costume idea for two or three sisters!

Cute Sibling Halloween Costumes Witches


20. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum

These Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum Halloween costumes are perfect for two sisters who are ages 8-13 or so!

sibling costumes Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum
Sizes: Baby, Toddler, and Kids (Up to Size 10)


21. Ice Cream Sundaes

For super cute and DIY Halloween costumes for two sisters, have them dress up as two ice cream sundaes! To really go all out, make a cardboard cutout of a bana and create headbands for your girls with cherries and whipped cream!

DIY ice cream sundae costumes for two sisters
Image via @meg_miles

Summary – The Best Sister Sibling Halloween Costumes

In summary, there are so many cute sister Halloween costume ideas for sisters!

What is your favorite Halloween costume idea for two sisters? Please leave a comment below! 

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