How to Dress Up as Elvira Hancock from Scarface


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Elvira Hancock Costume

Elvira Hancock Costume

Want to dress up as Elvira Hancock from Scarface?

This DIY Halloween costume guide is all about exactly what you need for a DIY Elvira Hancock costume.

Below is exactly what to buy for an easy Elvira Hancock cosplay or Halloween costume.

Detailed Elvira Hancock Halloween Costume Guide – What You Need to Buy on Amazon

The main thing you need for an Elvira Hancock costume is a green, silk dress with a high slit. The Elvira Hancock dress (on Amazon!) is sexy and gets AMAZING reviews.

Then, complete your Elvira Hancock costume outfit with gold high heels, a wig with bangs (if need be), a gold purse, a fake cigarette, and silver jewelry.

Elvira Hancock Costume DIY

Below are links to buy the Elvira Hancock costume on Amazon and the matching accessories.

Elvira Hancock Dress (Green Dress)

Elvira Hancock Wig

Elvira Hancock Gold Purse

Elvira Hancock Cigarette

Elvira Hancock Silver Jewelry

Elvira Hancock Gold Heels

Elvira Hancock Red Dress

Another option for an Elvira Hancock costume on Amazon is to wear an Elvira Hancock red dress.

Elvira Hancock Red Dress
Elvira Hancock Red Dress

Lucky for you, you can buy a very similar red dress on Amazon.

Elvira Hancock Scarface Red Dress
So, So Sexy!

This red dress worn by Michelle Pfeiffer is so, so sexy!

Elvira Hancock Red Dress

Elvira Hancock Cosplay Costume

To dress up as Elvira Hancock for cosplay, just buy exactly what you would for an Elvira Hancock Halloween costume!

You can add fake eyelashes and a silver ring to jazz up your Elvira Hancock cosplay costume.

Scarface Couples Costumes – Elvira and Tony Costumes

Movie Couples Costumes Scarface

Do you and your husband/boyfriend want to dress up as Elvira Hancock and Tony Montana for Halloween or cosplay?

To dress up as a movie couple from Scarface, buy the Elvira Hancock green dress and accessories above.

To have your husband/boyfriend/guy friend dress up as Tony Montana, have him wear a white suit (under $50 on Amazon) and aviator glasses.

Elvira Hancock Makeup

Elvira Hancock Makeup
Elvira Hancock Makeup

The Elvira Hancock makeup in Scarface is so sexy (and easy to copy).

To get Elvira Hancock in Scarface makeup (worn by Michelle Pfeifer), you will need black eyeliner, gold eyeshadow, and red lipstick.

Elvira Hancock Makeup – Eyeliner

Elvira Hancock Makeup – Eyeshadow

Elvira Hancock Makeup – Lipstick

Of course, fake eyelashes and a good under-eye concealer help too!

Here is a detailed Elvira Hancock makeup tutorial on YouTube you can watch too!

Michelle Pfeiffer Scarface Dress

Not sure whether to dress up as Elvira from Scarface?

If you are undecided, keep in mind that you will LOVE the Michelle Pfeiffer Scarface dress on Amazon.

The Elvira Scarface dress is less than $50 on Amazon and is oh so sexy!

Plus, you can wear the dark green Elvira dress for engagement photoshoots, cruise vacations, and date night outfits.

Elvira Hancock Outfits

Want ideas for how to dress like Elvira from Scarface?

Below are a few Elvira Hancock costume outfits from Instagram to inspire you!

Elvira Hancock Dress and Elvira Hancock Outfit
Fun and Sexy!


Elvira Hancock Wig
Elvira Hancock Wig


Elvira Hancock and Tony Montana Scarface Costume Ideas

Want ideas for how to dress up as the couple from Scarface? 

Below are some pictures to inspire you!

Scarface Couples Costumes
Image via Maddie

Who is Elvira Hancock?

In case you were curious, here is more information about Elvira Hancock! (Thanks to Chat GPT):

Elvira Hancock is a fictional character from the 1983 crime drama film "Scarface," directed by Brian De Palma. Portrayed by actress Michelle Pfeiffer, Elvira is a glamorous and seductive figure in the Miami drug trade. She becomes the love interest of Tony Montana, the film's central character played by Al Pacino, and is often seen as the embodiment of the excesses and decadence of the 1980s. Elvira's character is complex, caught in the dangerous world of drug trafficking, and her relationship with Tony Montana is marked by both passion and turmoil, adding a layer of intrigue to the film's intense narrative.

Are You Dressing Up in Tony Montana and Elvira Costumes This Year?

Are you and your husband/guy friend dressing up as Tony Montana and Elvira Hancock for cosplay or Halloween?

Please leave a comment below and let me know. I’d love to hear about your Elvira costume!

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