Hercules and Megara Costumes for Cosplay and Halloween

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Hercules and Megara Costume

Hercules and Megara Costumes

Want to dress up as Hercules and Megara for Halloween or cosplay?

This Hercules and Megara costume guide shows you exactly what you need for a Hercules costume and a Megara costume.

Whether you want to simply buy a Hercules costume and a Megara costume, or make your own Hercules costume DIY and Megara costume DIY, you have options!

This post may contain affiliate links. View the disclosure here.

Hercules and Megara Costumes for Halloween and Cosplay

Below is how to dress up as Hercules and how to dress up as Megara.

How to Dress Up as Hercules

To dress up as Hercules, you can buy the Hercules costume or make your own DIY Hercules gladiator costume.

Hercules Costumes
Hercules Costumes

There isn't much to a Hercules costume. You can just buy the Hercules costume on Amazon and call it a day!

Hercules Costume for Men

Hercules Costume
Hercules Costume on Amazon


For more of a DIY Hercules costume, buy a gladiator costume and sandals.

Hercules Gladiator DIY Costume

Hercules DIY Costume Gladiator
Fancy Gladiator Costume!


Hercules Gladiator Sandals

Hercules wears gladiator sandals. These sandals get great reviews!

Hercules Gladiator Sandals
Perfect for Hercules Costume!


How to Dress up as Megara

The Disney Megara costume on Amazon is so cute! Or, you can buy a purple dress for a Megara DIY costume.

Megara Costume DIY
Megara Costume Guide

An easy way to dress up as Megara is simply to buy the Megara costume on Amazon.

Or, you can buy a purple dress and the Megara DIY costume accessories.

Megara Costume Dress

Megara Costume
Megara Costume

Shop Costume on Amazon

Megara Purple Dress

If you don't want to buy the Megara Halloween costume, you can buy a beautiful lavender/purple flowy dress!

Megara purple dress
Infinity Dress in Purple on Amazon

View Dress on Amazon

Megara Costume Accessories

To dress up as Meg, you need a gold crown and gold jewelry.

Megara costume accessories
Grecian Goddess Accessories on Amazon

View on Amazon

Megara Costume Headband

Megara costume headband
Greek Goddess Headband

View on Amazon

Megara Gold Sandals

Megara wears gold gladiator sandals. These gold sandals are cute!

Megara costume sandals
Sizes: 6-11

View on Amazon

Megara Red Wig

If you don't have long red hair, simply buy the Megara wig for an easy Megara costume DIY.

Summary – Best Megara and Hercules Costumes

In summary, it’s super easy to dress up as the Disney couple of Megara and Hercules. You can easily get these costumes on Amazon.

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