Red Jasmine Costume: What You Need to Dress Up as Jasmine!


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Want to dress up as the Red Princess Jasmine for Halloween, or cosplay?

If so, you are in the right place!

This DIY costume guide is all about how to dress up as Princess Jasmine in Disney’s Aladdin. But not as the traditional Princess Jasmine…as the red Princess Jasmine with the red Jasmine costume!

Let’s get to it!

What You Need for the Red Jasmine Costume from Aladdin

Below is exactly what you need to buy (on Amazon!) to dress up as the red Princess Jasmine for Halloween.

1. Red Harem Pants

First off, you’ll need super comfy red harem pants that cinch at the ankles. Red harem pants are a must-have for any red Princess Jasmine Halloween costume!

red Jasmine harem pants
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An alternative to red harem pants is to order a red jumpsuit that is strapless! Below is an idea of the kind of red jumpsuit to buy for a DIY red Jasmine costume.

Princess Jasmine Red costume outfit
Image via @marthc12

An alternative to red harem pants is to wear a red jumpsuit! You can buy a similar red jumpsuit from Amazon here or a red strapless jumpsuit from Lulus here.

red strapless jumpsuit for red Jasmine costume
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2. Red Bikini Top

Princess Jasmine wears a red, strapless bikini-type top. Any red swimsuit top or red crop top would be perfect! This red swimsuit tankini top would be perfect for a DIY red Jasmine costume. Or, you can go with something a bit sexier, like this red bandeau top!

red top for Red Jasmine costume
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Want something more conservative? If so, then an off-shoulder red top would be great. Look for gold details that mimic Jasmine's iconic style. And yep, it's got to be fitted – we're going for that royal vibe!

3. Red Jasmine Jewelry and Accessories

For an easy DIY Red Jasmine costume, just buy these Princess Jasmine accessories that include a gold necklace, gold earrings, a gold hairpiece, a gold armpiece, a red Princess Jasmine hat, and a genie lamp!

red Jasmine costume accessories with gold necklace, gold hairpiece, gold arm bracelet, and genie lamp
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4. Golden Tiara

The red Princess Jasmine has a golden tiara, and this gold and red crown is perfect for a DIY red Princess Jasmine costume!

red Jasmine crown costume
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5. Chunky Cuff Bracelet (with a Snake!)

The Red Princess Jasmine has a chunky bracelet with a snake on it. This is a must-have to stand out on Halloween night!

snake arm bracelet for red Jasmine costume
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6. Gold Tassel Earrings and a Gold Necklace

To dress like the red Princess Jasmine, you’ll need LOTS of gold jewelry. This gold tassel earring and necklace set is perfect for a Princess Jasmine red costume outfit!

red Jasmine costume gold necklace and Red Jasmine costume arm cuff
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7. Golden Genie Lamp

A golden genie lamp will really complete your red Jasmine costume!

gold genie lamp
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8. Gold Satin Slippers or Red Heels

Finally, to complete your Princess Jasmine costume in red, you’ll want gold slippers. These gold slippers for women are perfect to complete your red Princess Jasmine costume!

Princess Jasmine gold shoes
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9. Sheer Red Shawl

To make things even more glam, throw on a sheer, flowing red shawl. It's the kind of extra that'll have you feeling like pure royalty. This red shawl on Amazon would be perfect to complete your DIY red Jasmine costume!

Hair for Your Red Princess Jasmine Costume

If you really want to go all out, you can wear a red Princess Jasmine wig as well. This Princess Jasmine wig is perfect!

Princess Jasmine wig
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Alternatively, if you have long back hair, then you’ll want to wear your hair pulled up and behind a golden crown.

red Princess Jasmine costume hair
Image via @marthc12

Makeup for Your Princess Jasmine Red Costume

The right makeup can really make your red Jasmine costume stand out! For Princess Jasmine's makeup, you’ll want to wear bright red lipstick, red eyeshadow, and black winged eyeliner around your eyes.

red Jasmine costume
Image via @kelsyskocstumes

Below is the makeup I recommend you use for easy red Princess Jasmine makeup!

Red Jasmine Makeup

Who is the Red Princess Jasmine?

In case you are curious, who is the red Princess Jasmine anyway?

The red Jasmine outfit is what Princess Jasmine wears when she gets enslaved by Sorcerer Jafar. While in this red costume, Princess Jasmine pretends to be in love with Jafar. You can find out more details from Disney Fandom and from this USA Today article about Princess Jasmine!

Occasions to Wear a Red Princess Jasmine Costume

Of course, dressing up as the Red Princess Jasmine is perfect for Halloween. It’s a sexy costume, not overly popular, and fun!

However, here are some more ideas to wear the Red Princess Jasmine outfit:

1. College Halloween Parties

The red Princess Jasmine costume is sexy and flirty. Perfect for any college Halloween party!

2. Adult Halloween Parties

You could dress up as the red Princess Jasmine and your hubby could dress up as Aladdin! Talk about a unique Disney couple Halloween costume idea!

3. Disney-Themed Events

In case you get invited to a Disney-Themed event, why not dress up as the red Princess Jasmine?

4. Cosplay Conventions

Cosplay conventions are all about dressing up and being creative! Dressing up in the red Jasmine costume would be perfect for any cosplay convention!

Should You Dress Up in a Red Princess Jasmine Halloween Costume?

Should you dress up in the red Jasmine costume for Halloween? Absolutely! However, dressing up in the red Jasmine costume would be HOT if you meet any of these criteria!

1. If You Have a Curvy Figure

The Jasmine red outfit really plays up women with hips, especially with the red harem pants. If you have a curvy figure, dressing up in the red Jasmine costume would be perfect!

2. If You Have Nice Abs

If you have nice abs, dressing up as Princess Jasmine is the perfect costume to show them off!

3. If You Like Comfy Shoes

Some Halloween costumes include heels or sandals, but not the red Princess Jasmine costume! You’ll be super comfortable in gold slippers. Perfect for dancing all night!

4. If You Have Olive Skin

Princess Jasmine is from the Middle East. If you have olive skin, then dressing up as the Red Princess Jasmine would be a great way to embrace your skin color!

5. If You Have Long Black Hair

Have long black hair? If so, then dressing up in the Red Princess Jasmine costume would be prefect for you!!

6. If You Love DIY Costumes

Hate accidentally wearing the same Halloween costume as someone else? If so, then making your own Princess Jasmine in red costume would be perfect for you!

7. If Your Name is Jasmine

If your name is Jasmine, then dressing up as the red Princess Jasmine would just be too cool!


In conclusion, it’s super easy to dress up as the red Princess Jasmine! Whether you want to wear the red Jasmine outfit for Halloween or cosplay, it’s super easy to dress up as the red Princess Jasmine. All you need are red harem pants, a red bikini top, gold slippers, and gold jewelry. Done! 🌟

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