17 Amazing Female Group Costumes for Halloween


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Want to dress up with your girl friends for a party or for Halloween?

If so, you are in the right place! This Halloween costume guide is all about female group costumes and girl group Halloween costume ideas. From sexy female group Halloween costumes to cute and clever girl group Halloween costumes, I've got you covered!

Winifred, Sarah, and Mary from Hocus Pocus

These Sanderson Sister Halloween costumes are so cute and fun! If you want female group costumes that are perfect for Halloween, go with a Hocus Pocus theme for costumes!

female group Halloween costumes Hocus Pocus
Image via @cibellelevi

Toy Story Characters

Whether you want to dress up as the cute aliens, Mrs. Potato Head, Jessie, or Buzz Lightyear...you have so many options when it comes to female group costumes if you go with a Toy Story costume theme!

female group Halloween costumes Toy Story
Image via @totalsororitymove

Space Cowgirls

college girl group Halloween costumes + Space Cowgirl costumes
Image via @preppygalss

Dressing up as Space Cowgirls is super fun for Halloween, especially for college girls!! All you need is a sparkly tank top and a pink cowgirl hat!

Cruella and Her Dalmatians

These DIY Cruella and 101 Dalmatian costumes are so cute! Perfect for Halloween parties too!

girl group Halloween costumes 101 Dalmatians
Image via @msvendetta

The Golden Girls

For a super funny Halloween costume for women, dress up as The Golden Girls!!

Golden Girls Costumes
Image via @adorkablymandy


For easy DIY Halloween costumes for a group of girls, dress up as unicorns! All you need is this unicorn headband from Amazon, a little bit of glitter (also from Amazon), and then either a tulle skirt or sparkly shorts with a white tank top!

DIY group Halloween costumes for girls + unicorn DIY costumes
Image via @missmollymcfadden

Cher, Dionne, and Tai from Clueless

If you were a kid in the 80s, you probably LOVED Clueless! For a fun group of 3 Halloween costume idea, dress up as Cher, Dionne, and Tai from Clueless! Check out this Cher costume guide, this Dionne costume guide, and this Tai from Clueless costume guide!

female group of 3 costumes + Clueless costumes for 3 women
Image via @elainechaya

Britney Spears

Want a really creative costume idea for a group of girls? Dress up as Britney Spears through the year! #britneybitch

female group Halloween costumes + Britney Spears costumes
Image via @beccsnoww

White Claw Girls

For an easy DIY Halloween costume for girls, dress up as White Claw! All you need is a white tube top, these silver bootie shorts, this face glitter (from Amazon), and a print-out that says "White Claw Hard Seltzer" on paper.

DIY girl group Halloween costumes + White Claw Costume
Image via @vsco_photoss

Mean Girls

Dressing up as Regina George, Gretchen Wieners, Karen Smith, and Cady is a great Halloween costume idea for a group of 4 females. Have fun getting creative and with wearing pink!

female group costumes Mean Girls
Image via @kellysaks

Or, get creative and wear the Santa costumes that the girls wore in Mean Girls!

Mean girls Halloween costumes
Image via @seahawksdancers

This girl group Halloween costume idea is so easy to copy! Just buy these Mean Girls Santa costumes on Amazon and this Regina George sweatpants outfit on Amazon! Finally, get these white Go Go boots for the Santa costumes too!

Spice Girls

Remember the Spice Girls song Friendship Never Ends? Well, you and your female friends will be friends forever in these costumes!

These female Halloween costumes for a group of 5 girls are so much fun!!

girl group costumes for 5 girls + Spice Girls costumes
Image via @ipsy


Why not dress up as cute cowgirls for Halloween? This female group costume idea is easy and fun!

cowgirls easy Halloween sexy costume idea
Cowgirls for a Easy Halloween Costume Idea

Get These Female Halloween Costumes

Hooter Girls

Dressing up as Hooters girls is fun and sexy for Halloween! A great sorority sister Halloween costume idea!

Hooter Girls easy and sexy Halloween costume idea for college parties, groups, and sorority sisters
Hooters Girls for Halloween Costume Idea

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Royal Flush

Dress up as a royal flush for a fun group Halloween costume idea for 5 girls!

Royal Flush group sexy Halloween costume idea for college
Royal Flush Group Sexy Halloween costume idea

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A League of Their Own

These League of Their Own costumes are perfect for groups of 2, 3, 4, or 5 women to wear for Halloween! These League of Their Own costumes for women come in small to X-large and in plus sizes 1X up to 8X.

girl group Halloween costumes + League of Their Own Group Costumes
Image via @itsrachbenzo

Get these Female Group Costumes

Queen of Hearts, Alice, and the Mad Hatter

These female group Halloween costumes are perfect for a group of 3 women! Plus, you can have fun getting cute heels and tights for each of these costumes. To really go all out, get some fun gloves for Alice and the Queen of Hearts. For the Mad Hatter, make sure to wear a cute and wild hat! You can buy these female group costumes from Party City or Amazon!

female group costumes Alicen in Wonderland
Image via @devohoff

Conclusion: Best Girl Group Halloween Costumes

In conclusion, there are lots of options when it comes to female group Halloween costume ideas! Which idea is your favorite? Please leave a comment below to share!

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