45 Best Pregnant Halloween Costumes That Are Easy Too!

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Best Family and Dog Halloween Costumes

Pregnant Halloween Costume

It can be hard to find flattering clothes when you are pregnant, let alone a pregnant Halloween costume.

Thankfully, there are lots of pregnant Halloween costumes to choose from – if you get creative!

This guide is all about the best pregnant Halloween costumes. You’ll find creative DIY pregnancy Halloween costumes, funny pregnant Halloween costumes for couples, and super easy pregnant Halloween costumes that you can buy on Amazon.

Best Pregnant Halloween Costumes for Halloween This Year

Have a great Halloween! And have a fun time wearing one of these maternity Halloween costumes.

Below are the best Halloween costumes for pregnant women.

1. Caution: Bump Ahead!

Dressing up as "Bump Ahead" for your pregnancy Halloween costume is a clever and playful way to embrace your baby bump! All you need is a traffic sign, a construction workers hat, and a bright yellow vest!

Pregnant Halloween Costume Bump Ahead

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2. Pregnant Nun

Dressing up as a "Pregnant Nun" for Halloween is a provocative and controversial costume choice! Note: This costume may be offensive to some, so be careful on deciding where to wear this costume!

Funny Pregnant Halloween Costume Pregnant Nun

Shop Nun Costume

3. Wilma from The Flintstones

Dressing up as Wilma from The Flintstones is an easy Halloween costume to pull off if you are pregnant! All you need is a classic white dress, a wig for Wilma, and a big white pearl necklace! Have your husband dress up as Fred Flintstone.

Easy Pregnant Halloween Costume Wilma The Flintstones

Shop Wilma Halloween Costume

This pregnant Halloween costume also comes in a plus-size Wilma Flintstone version.

4. Winnie the Pooh

Dressing up as Winnie the Pooh for Halloween is perfect if you are pregnant! Sexy Mama Maternity has a super cute Winnie the Pooh dress that you can buy. Then, get the family involved by dressing up as characters from Winnie the Pooh too! Your husband can be Tigger and your kid can be piglet!

Pregnant Halloween Costume Winnie the Pooh

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Dressing up as Pooh Bear is a classic pregnant Halloween costume.

5. Avocado, Taco, and Hot Sauce

If you want a creative Halloween costume to wear while you are pregnant, why not dress up as an avocado? Then, have your husband dress up as a burrito. If you have a toddler or a baby at home, he or she can dress up as siracha sauce!

Pregnant Mom and Family Halloween Costumes with Avocado

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This pregnant Halloween costume is so cute! πŸ₯‘ This taco costume is fun too!

6. Thing 1 and Thing 2

Dressing up as Thing 1 and Thing 2 is a great DIY pregnant costume. To make this maternity Halloween costume even more fun, buy this blue wig on Amazon! And don't forget to have your hubby dress up as The Cat from "Cat in the Hat"!

Pregnant Halloween Costume Thing 1 Thing 2

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7. Helen Parr from The Incredibles

Can you wear a tight bodysuit for Halloween if you are pregnant? You bet!! This Helen Parr (Elastigirl) costume on Amazon is stretchy and perfect if you are only a few months pregnant!

Pregnancy Halloween Costume Helen The Incredibles

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8. Skeleton with a Baby Inside

Easy Pregnant Halloween Costume Skeleton

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9. Disco Ball

Pregnant Halloween Costume DIY Disco Ball

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This pregnant Halloween costume is so creative! πŸ’žπŸ•ΊπŸ»βœ¨

10. Football and Referee

Pregnant Halloween Costume Football Player and Referee

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11. Princess Peach

Pregnant Halloween Costume Princess Peach

Shop Princess Peach Crown

If you have a son, he will love this bowser costume. Wear a light pink dress for this pregnant DIY costume idea.

12. Gumball

Pregnant Halloween Costume Gumball

Shop Large Pom Poms for Bubblegum Costume

For this creative pregnant costume, wear a pink dress and glue pom poms to it.

13. Mr. Smee from Disney's Peter Pan

Pregnancy DIY Halloween Costume Mr. Smee from Disney's Peter Pan

Shop Mr. Smee Blue and White Stripe Dress

A red hat and round glasses will complete this Mr. Smee DIY pregnant Halloween costume.

14. Thor from The Avengers Endgame

Funny Pregnant Halloween Costume The Dude

Shop Thor Wig

15. BB-8 from Star Wars

Pregnant Halloween Costume Star Wars BB-8

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16. Basketball and Basketball Player 

Pregnant Halloween Costume Basketball

Shop Orange and Black Body Paint

17. Mike Wazowski from Monster's Inc.

Pregnant Halloween Costume Mike from Monster's Inc

Shop Monster's Inc. Maternity Shirt

18. Good Luck Troll

Pregnant Halloween Costume Troll

Shop Troll Costumes

19. Speed Bump, Lightning McQueen, and Mater

Pregnant Halloween Costume Lightning McQueen, Speed Bump, and Mater

Shop Lightning McQueen Costume

20. The Handmaid's Tale

Pregnant Halloween Costume The Handmaid's Tale

Shop The Handmaid's Tale Costume

21. Violet from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

DIY Pregnant Halloween Costume Violet Willy Wonka

Shop Willy Wanka Costumes

22. Magic 8 Ball

Creative Pregnant Halloween Costume Magic 8 Ball

Shop Magic 8 Ball Shirt

The Magic 8 Ball says..."It's a Boy!" πŸ‘»πŸŽƒ

23. Wilson's Volleyball from Cast Away

Funny Pregnancy Costume Wilson's Volleyball Movie Castaway

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24. Avocado

Pregnancy Halloween Costume Avocado

Shop Avocado Costume

25. Robbin and Batman

Pregnant Halloween Costume Robbin and Batman Superheroes

Shop Robin T-Shirt

26. Sexy Leopard

Pregnant Halloween Costume Sexy Leopard
Stylish and Cute!

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27. The Grinch

Pregnant Halloween Costume The Grinch

Shop The Grinch Costume

28. Juno and Paulie Bleeker

Creative Pregnant Costume Juno and Paulie Bleeker

Shop Juno Costumes

This pregnant Halloween costume idea is PERFECT if you want movie couples costumes.

Pregnant Couples Costumes Juno
Image via Cierra Biles

29. Tennis Ball and Tennis Player

Pregnant Halloween Costume Tennis Ball and Tennis Player

Shop Tennis Ball Costume

30. Mummy to Be

Pregnant Halloween Costume Mummy To Be

Shop Mummy Costume

31. Gypsy / Fortune Teller

Creative Pregnant Halloween Costume Gypsy and Fortune Teller

Shop Gypsy Costume

32. Prego Sauce and a Chef

Pregnant Halloween Costume Prego Sauce and Chef

Shop Prego Costume

This pregnant Halloween costume is a classic. πŸπŸ’•

33. Gumball Machine

Pregnant Halloween Costume Gumball Machine

Shop Gumball Costume

34. Pillsbury Dough Boy

Pregnant Halloween Costume Pillsbury Dough Boy

Shop Pillsbury Doughboy Hat

35. Moon and an Astronaut

Pregnant Halloween Costume Moon and Astronaut

Shop Astronaut Shirt

36. Witch

Pregnant Halloween Costume Witch

Shop Witch Costumes

37. Cute Scarecrow

Easy Pregnant Halloween Costume Scarecrow

Shop don't Eat Seeds Shirt

38. Two Men and a Pterodactyl

Funny Pregnant Halloween Costume Two Men and a Pterodactyl

Shop Funny Couple's Costumes

Men are hairy and love their beer. 🍺 This pregnant Halloween costume is so funny! 

39. Housewife and Milkman

Pregnant Halloween Costume Housewife and Milkman

Shop Housewife and Milkman Costumes

This DIY pregnant Halloween costume is too cute! 🀰🏻🍼

40. Cute Kangaroo and Safari Guide

Cute Pregnant Halloween Costume Kangaroo

Shop Kangaroo Costume

41. Hamburgler

DIY Pregnant Halloween Costume Hamburgler

Shop Hamburglar Costumes

42. Bun in the Oven

Pregnant Halloween Costume Bun in the Oven

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43. Sexy Cow

Pregnant Costume Cow

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44. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum from Disney's Alice in Wonderland

DIY Disney couple costumes Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum
Image via @saraielora

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45. The Dude

If you want to make people laugh this Halloween, dress up as The Dude!

funny maternity Halloween costume
Image via @gugu_gugu

Halloween Costumes That Fit Pregnant Women

These aren't necessarily "maternity" or "pregnant" Halloween costumes, but these Halloween costumes are spacious around the bump area.

1. Cute Bat

2. Bumble Bee

3. Cookie (and Milk)

4. Hippie

5. Stitch from Lilo and Stitch


In summary, there are so many pregnant Halloween costumes and maternity Halloween costumes to choose from! From cute costumes to funny costumes to DIY pregnant Halloween costume ideas, the options are endless!

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