25 Funny Dog Costumes for Halloween to Make You Laugh!

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funny dog costumes for Halloween

Funny Dog Costumes

Want to get your dog a Halloween costume that will have you laughing out loud?

Lucky for you, there are LOTS of funny dog costumes for Halloween.

But what are the funniest dog costumes? And by funniest dog costumes, I mean funny dog Halloween costumes that are absolutely hilarious and ridiculous.

This dog costume guide is all about funny dog costumes. Continue scrolling to find the perfect funny dog costume for Halloween.

This dog costume guide includes:

  • Funny dog costumes for small dogs
  • Funny large dog costumes
  • Cute funny dog costumes
  • And of course…LOTS of pictures of funny dog costumes

Where to Buy Funny Dog Halloween Costumes

If you aren't sure where to find the funniest dog costume for Halloween, below are my top picks!

  • Amazon: Amazon has tons of dog Halloween costumes, and that includes funny dog Halloween costumes! From a guitar player to a cowboy riding a dog...Amazon has tons of funny dog costumes to choose from! Check out the funniest dog Halloween costumes on Amazon here.
  • Target: Each year, Target sells unique and funny dog costumes! Some of my favorites for this year include a pickleball player, a boxer, and a squirrel riding a dog! Check out the funniest dog costumes at Target.com here.
  • Etsy: Etsy always has tons of very unique dog costumes to choose from. Some of my favorite funny dog costumes on Etsy include a granny, a hula girl, and a flamingo! Check out my favorite funny dog costumes from Etsy here.
  • Chewy: If you are a dog owner, you probably shop at Chewy a lot! Chewy usually has dog costumes in a variety of sizes that are affordable too! Some of the funniest dog costumes at Chewy include a French artist, a cheerleader, and a skunk! Check out the funniest costumes for dogs from Chewy here.

Funniest Dog Costumes for Small and Large Dogs

These dog costumes are ridiculous and are oh so funny!

1. Guitar Player

This funny guitar player costume for dogs is a best-seller on Amazon!! This is a super cute dog costume too! This funny dog costume comes in sizes medium, large, and X-large on Amazon.

Funny dog Costume Guitar Player
Funny Costume for Small Dogs!


2. Chucky 

This Chucky dog costume will have you laughing out loud. This dog costume is absolutely hilarious! This costume fits a little bit funny, so make sure to read the reviews to ensure you order the right size for your dog. For a funny dog and owner costume idea, your dog can be Chucky and you can dress up as a creepy clown! This creepy clown costume on Amazon would be perfect for this funny (and scary!) dog and owner costume idea!

Dog Chucky Costume for Hallowee
So Funny!


I personally put this funny Chucky dog costume on my dog. Check it out in this YouTube video!

3. UPS Driver

This UPS driver costume for dogs is popular and funny! This funny dog Halloween costume comes in sizes X-Small to Large and fits dogs of all sizes, ranging from small dogs like Shih Tzus to larger dogs like labradors! For a great owner and dog costume idea for men, both you and your dog could dress up as UPS drivers!

Funny Dog UPS Driver Costume
Funny and Cute!


Many dog owners say that this costume is super cute, well worth the money, and the best costume ever!

funny dog Halloween costume + UPS driver dog costume
Image via Amazon


4. Clown from IT

This funny clown costume for dogs looks so funny on pugs! This funny dog costume comes in sizes small to 5XL and gets 5/5 star reviews on Etsy!! Seriously...you will love this funny dog costume!!

Funny Dog Costume IT
Sizes Up to 5XL


This is a great dog duo Halloween costume idea too!

dog duo Halloween costumes IT
Image via Etsy


5. Beetlejuice

This funny Beetlejuice costume is perfect for both small and large dogs. This Beetlejuice costume comes in sizes small to XL and fits dogs like Pomeranians, huskies, chihuahuas, and Malteses! 

Funny dog costume Beetlejuice
So Funny!


This funny dog costume is super cute too!

funniest dog costume + Pomeranian in Halloween costume
Image via Amazon

View on Amazon

6. Cowboy Riding Dog

This cowboy riding a dog costume is so hilarious! You will be cracking up when you see your dog in this costume. This is one of the funniest dog costumes on Amazon. This costume comes in sizes X-Small to Large and gets 4.5/5.0-star reviews! 

Funny dog Costume cowboy riding dog
Over 2,300 Raving Reviews on Amazon!


7. Marilyn Monroe

This Marilyn Monroe dog costume will have you laughing out loud! I mean seriously...this dog costume will make your dog look like a Hollywood diva! This dog costume is also perfect for a funny dog photo shoot.

Funny Dog Costume Marilyn Monroe
Too Hilarious!


This Marilyn Monroe dog costume fits Chihuahuas (and is perfect for a photo shoot!) and larger dogs like English Bulldogs! So funny!!

Chihuahua in funny dog costume
Image via Amazon


Seriously, how could you look at your dog in this costume and not laugh?!

English Bulldog in funny costume + dog Marilyn Monroe costume
Image via Amazon


8. Turkey 

This funny dog turkey costume is perfect for Halloween and Thanksgiving! For more Thanksgiving outfits for dogs, check out these funny Thanksgiving dog costumes!

Funny dog Turkey Costume
Sizes Up to 5XL


9. Spider

I don't know whether this dog costume is funny, cute, or just plain weird. But lots of dog owners say this dog spider costume had them laughing so hard!! I personally couldn't stop laughing when I did a YouTube video of my Bichon Shih Tzu wearing this funny spider Halloween costume. You can check it out here

Funny dog Costume spider
Guaranteed to Result in Laughs!


10. Vampire 

This dog vampire costume is both cute and funny! This funny dog costume is perfect for large dogs too. This dog vampire costume comes in sizes small to 5XL (for dogs with chest sizes up to 38.5"). In addition to Etsy, Amazon sells dog vampire costumes too! Check out the funny dog vampire costumes on Amazon (all under $50) on Amazon here. This is also a great Halloween costume for cats!

Funny Dog Vampire Costuem Etsy
Sizes Up to 5XL


11. Pirate 

Dog owners say they couldn't stop laughing when they put this dog costume on their dogs! My dog personally hated this pirate costume, but it is really funny!

Funny dog Costume Pirate
Funny on Smaller Dogs!


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12. Banana 

Funny Dog Banana Costume
Sizes up to 2X-Large


This dog banana costume is so funny and cute!

13. Mermaid

Golden Retriever Mermaid Halloween Costume
Cute and Funny!


This cute and funny mermaid costume is great for large dogs.

14. Lobster

Funny Lobster Dog Costume
So Funny!


A lobster costume is funny on dogs (and on babies!). 

15. The Granny from Little Red Riding Hood 

Funny Dog Costume Granny
Funniest Costume for Large Dogs


This is the funniest large dog costume. I mean...this dog costume includes a granny robe and a matching floral bonnet!

16. Curly Hair Wig

Funny Dog Costume Curly Hair Wig
So Funny!


This curly-hair wig dog costume is too funny! I put this costume on my Shichon and couldn't stop laughing out loud.

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17. Chicken

Funny Dog Costume Chicken
Sizes Up to XXL


Is your dog shy? Dress your pup up in this funny chicken costume! 🤣

18. Rooster

Funny Dog Rooster Company
So Funny!


This rooster dog costume is funny! This costume is also PERFECT if your dog hates costumes.

19. Mexican Party Animal

Funny Dog Costume Mexican Party Animal
Perfect for Photos Too!


This Mexican costume with a sombrero hat is so funny!

20. Hot Dog

Best Lab Halloween Costume
So Funny!


This hot dog costume is so funny on dogs!

21. Cha-Cha Girl

Funny Dog Costume Cha Cha Girl
So Funny and Unique!


This Cha-Cha girl dog costume is unique and hilarious!

22. Frankenstein

Funny Dog Costume Frankenstein
So Hilarious!


This Frankenstein dog costume is hilarious on smaller dogs! 

23. Pineapple

funny Dog Costume Pineapple
Cute and Funny!


This pineapple dog costume is so funny. This costume is particularly funny looking on English Bulldogs!

24. Wig

Funny Dog Costume Wig


I don't know what character this wig is supposed to represent...but it looks damn funny on dogs!

25. California Girl

Funny Dog Costume Katy Perry
So Funny!


This dog costume is hilarious! You will be laughing out loud when you see your dog in this Katy Perry-inspired costume.

Funny Dog and Owner Costumes

Want to dress up with your dog for Halloween?

You may want to check out these dog and owner costume ideas.

Below are some really funny dog and owner costumes you could wear this Halloween.

Mariachi Player and Tacos

Dogs look so funny in this taco costume! You can wear a big Mexican sombrero hat and be a mariachi player.

Cop and Robber

Your dog can be a robber and you can dress up as a cop!

Shark and Shark Attack

You could dress up your dog as a shark, and you could be a lifeguard that is getting attacked!

Beetlejuice and Lydia

You can have your dog dress up as Beetlejuice and you can dress up as Lydia in a bright red dress!

Summary – Funniest Dog Halloween Costumes

In summary, there are LOTS of funny dog costumes to choose from!

Below are my top picks.

Funniest Costume for Small Dogs: Chucky Doll

The Chucky Doll/Deadly Doll dog costume has over 750 reviews on Amazon and a 4.5/5.0 star rating. Dog owners with shish tzus, french bulldogs, poms, and boston terriers all LOVE this dog costume.

Funniest Costume for Medium-Size Dogs: Cowboy Riding a Dog

There are a few versions of a cowboy riding a dog costume on Amazon. If you want a dog costume that will have you laughing out loud, this is the funny dog costume to buy! This funny dog costume fits Pitbulls, dalmatians, boston terriers, bulldogs, corgis, labs, border collies, french bulldogs, cane corsos, golden doodles, and chihuahuas all love this costume.

Funniest Costume for Large Dogs: Granny from The Little Red Riding Hood

If you have a large dog (and by large, I mean extra large!), it can be hard to find a funny dog costume. Many dog owners go with a bat costume or a lion costume for large dogs, but a granny dog costume is so much funnier! The granny costume is also perfect if you want to dress up as Little Red Riding Hood for Halloween

What funny costume will your dog be wearing for Halloween? Please leave a comment below. I’d love to hear from you!

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