17 Cutest Shih Tzu Halloween Costumes

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Cute Shih Tzu Halloween Costumes

Shih Tzu Halloween Costumes

Do you have a little Shih Tzu at home that you want to dress up for Halloween?

Lucky for you, this dog Halloween costume guide is all about the best Shih Tzu Halloween costumes.

Shih Tzus are so cute…they deserve the best Halloween costumes!

Continue scrolling to find the best and most adorable Shih Tzu Halloween costumes.

These dog Halloween costumes look so cute on Shi Tzu dogs!

Where to Buy Shih Tzu Halloween Costumes

Shih Tzus are relatively small dogs, but there are lots of places to shop for the perfect costume for your Shih Tzu! Below are my top recommendations.

Amazon: Amazon has tons of dog Halloween costumes, and you'll be able to find pictures on Shih Tzus in many of the costumes too...you just need to read through the reviews!

Chewy: Chewy is a great place to shop for Shih Tzu Halloween costumes. You can even search by collection (such as Disney dog costumes or Marvel dog costumes) and by dog size.

Target: Each year, Target sells a variety of unique, affordable, and fun dog costumes online! Just make sure to shop early, as Target runs out of the best dog costumes quickly! 

15 Best Shih Tzu Halloween Costumes

Have a fun time dressing up your Shih Tzu in one of these cute Shih Tzu Halloween costumes!

1. Pirate

Arrr! This Halloween pirate costume for Shih Tzus is so cute! This pirate costume for dogs is also one of the funniest dog costumes!!

For added fun on Halloween, you could dress up as a pirate too for matching dog and owner costumes.

Shih Tzu Pirate Halloween Costume
So Cute as a Pirate!


2. Ewok

Love Star Wars? Then you need this cute Ewok Halloween costume for your Shih Tzu to wear this Halloween. If your Shih Tzu is an Ewok for Halloween, you could dress up as Princess Leia, Darth Vader, or Luke Skywalker!

Shih Tzu Ewok Halloween Costume
So Cute!


3. Teddy Bear

No one will resist giving your Shih Tzu a hug in this cute Shih Tzu Teddy bear costume!

Shih Tzu Teddy Bear Halloween Costume
So Cute!


4. UPS Driver

This Shih Tzu UPS driver Halloween costume is too funny and cute!

Shih Tzu Funny UPS Driver Costume
So Funny!


5. Starbucks Latte

This Starbucks Latte Halloween costume for dogs will look so adorable on your Shih Tzu. Your Shih Tzu will most likely fit a size medium in this dog Halloween costume.

Shih Tzu Starbucks Latte Halloween Costume
So Cute and Fun!


6. Baby Shark

This cute Baby Shark Halloween costume is so cute! This dog costume tends to run small, so I'd recommend ordering a size large (yes, a large!) for your shih tzu.

Shih Tzu Baby Shark Halloween Costume
So Cute and Warm!


7. Snow White

Dress up your little Shih Tzu to be a Disney princess in this pretty Snow White costume for dogs! If your Shih Tzu is dressed up as Snow White for Halloween, you could dress up as a character from Snow White as well, such as the Evil Queen, Snow White, or Dopey!

Shih Tzu Snow White Halloween Costume
So Cute!


8. Chucky Doll

This Halloween costume for dogs is hilarious! Seriously, this Chucky Doll costume for dogs will have you laughing out loud! For matching dog and owner costumes, you could dress up as Chucky as well (check out this Chucky costume for men and this Chucky costume for women), or as Chucky's Bride!

Shih Tzu Funny Chucky Doll IT costume
So Funny!


9. Chewbacca

This Shih Tzu Chewbacca costume is actually a harness. Order a size down, as this Chewbacca costume runs big. This Shih Tzu costume is perfect if your dog hates costumes!

Shih Tzu Chewbacca Costume
Cute and Comfortable!


10. Guitar Player / Musician

This pet guitar costume is absolutely hilarious! This musician costume is perfect for a photoshoot with your Shih Tzu!

Shih Tzu Guitarist Musician Halloween Costume Funny
So Funny and Cute!


11. Sushi

This sushi Halloween costume will look so, so cute on your Shih Tzu! You could dress up as a Sushi chef for cute dog and owner costumes!

Shih Tzu Sushi Halloween Costume
So Cute!


12. Cute Pumpkin

Dog owners say that this pumpkin costume is super cute and of great quality. Plus, your Shih Tzu won't mind wearing it!

Shih Tzu Cute Pumpkin Halloween Costume
So Adorable!


13. Mexican Serape / Mariachi Player

You will LOVE this festival costume for your Shih Tzu! Order a size up in this Cinco de Mayo costume for your Shih Tzu to ensure it fits.

Shih Tzu Halloween Costume with Mexican Serape / Mariachi Player
So Festive and Fun!


14. Cute Witch

This cute witch pet costume is so cute!

Shih Tzu Witch Halloween Costume
So Cute!


15. Ice Cream Sundae

Your little Shih Tzu will look so sweet in this Halloween costume! Plus, this ice cream sundae costume for dogs is super unique!

Shih Tzu Ice Cream Sundae Halloween Costume
So Sweet!


16. Strawberry

This strawberry costume is so cute and comfy!

Shih Tzu Strawberry Halloween Costume
So Cute!

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17. Harry Potter

This Harry Potter costume for dogs is comfortable and cute! Plus, this dog Halloween costume is comfortable too!

Shih Tzu Halloween costume Harry Potter
Image via Amazon

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What to Do if Your Shih Tzu HATES Costumes

If your Shih Tzu hates Halloween costumes, he/she is likely not alone! If this is the case, I recommend you forgo putting your little Shih Tzu in a Halloween costume. Instead, you can buy your Shih Tzu a cute Halloween collar (Amazon has a ton!!) or a dog harness with angel wings, bat wings, or devil wings on it.

Summary – Best Shih Tzu Halloween Costumes

In summary, there are so many cute Halloween costumes for Shih Tzus on Amazon!

Please leave a comment below with your favorite Shih Tzu costume. All of them are so, so cute!

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